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Let Ralph Debate

The two party controlled debate commission is freezing Nader/Gonzalez out of the debates.
Dear Portland Area Nader/Gonzalez Supporters,

The goal of the Commission on Presidential Debates is to "strengthen the two parties."

The goal of the Nader/Gonzalez campaign is to strengthen our Democracy.

Where do you stand?

This Tuesday, October 7th, a Presidential debate will be held between the two parties with the usual exclusion of voices such as Ralph Nader's. So let's make our voices heard in protest of this exclusion! The plan for people in Portland is to meet up at the Obama Campaign Headquarters in a peaceful manner (our aim is visibility, not illegality).

Anyone who can should bring signs, banners, flyers, etc., and also cameras - to document the event.

We will meet at 5 PM at 3016 SE Division St. (The Obama headquarters address).

We need signs, we need people, and we need open debates!

Hope to see you there!