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Multi Media Report Back: Hands Across the Columbia

About 100 people attended a Rally on the steps of the Capital building in Olympia Washington today, October 6, 2008, urging Governor Chris Gregoire to mount a legal challenge to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) approval of the Bradwood Liquefied Natural Gas terminal.
The Rally was moderated by Dan Serres of Columbia Riverkeeper, who introduced a wide variety of speakers.
Speakers included, from Washington State government, Rep. Dean Takko from Southern Oregon and Jay Manning, Director of Washington Department of Ecology.

From Washington State citizen organizations concerned about the detrimental effects of the proposal were Ruby Wolf of the Cascade chapter of the Sierra Club, George Exum of Wahkiakum Friends of the Columbia River, Gerald Pollet, Seattle City Light Study Group and Gail, a forest land owner.

Also speaking were Monica of Rising Tide North America and Olivia Schmidt from the Columbia River Clean Energy Coalition.

These proposed terminals would effect Oregon and Washington lands, populations and businesses, and an organized resistance of citizens in Oregon has slowly persuaded Governor Kulongoski to take a harder look at the serious consequences of these facilities to Oregonians.

Now the same pressure is being exerted on Governor Gregoire to exercise her power and retain the authority of the state of Washington in the process, a process which has, up to this point, been merely rubber stamping the wishes of industry.

Gerald Pollet: "Twenty two years ago, thousands of citizens from Portland, Oregon, Washington, linked hands on the Interstate Five bridge in Hands Across the Columbia River to say no to Hanford being the first national high level nuclear waste dump. Today, we're linking hands. We want Hands Across the Columbia River, not pipe lines across the Columbia River." Included in this brief report is a 22 minute audio file of speakers at the event. Each spoke briefly and passionately concerning the effects of these facilities and the need for the citizens of both Oregon and Washington to say No to LNG!

Hands Across the Columbia

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Correction 07.Oct.2008 14:40


I was just informed that Gerald Pollet was representing Heart of America North West at the Rally, not the Seattle City Light Study Group. Though Gerald had worked with this group in the past, this was not his affiliation for the Rally.

A small error made by the moderator at the Rally...............