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Useless Bailout- Credit Crisis affects global markets- Dow drops below 1,000

Global stocks plunge in response to American generated credit crisis.
USA today said the bailout "may not be sufficient to calm economic storm" and more capital must be injected into global banking system." WTF?
What next? USA Today is saying basically that capital must be "injected into global banking system." What a taxpayer funded bailout for the world now. When this happened in the Asian markets in the 90's there wasn't exactly a quick fix. Some spamming idiots besieged my mail advising taking out your money and putting it into their chosen array of safe investments. This happened to be how I first heard of this bullshit. Looks like capitalism equates to some great drinking bender by an alcoholic (capitalist Wall Street and USA) and now they are hitting bottom.
Links:  http://www.usatoday.com/money/markets/2008-10-06-stocks-monday_N.htm

Oh, to make matters worse, I received word from the Obama campaign mailing list that McCain is deciding to ignore economic crisis and go for the jugular with Barak Obama, attacking his character (because he know it is going to work). I've been wasting my time in a swing state campaigning; I am realizing what the Republicans already know; the cultural beliefs of these regions, and the lack of knowledge leads to Republican votes. Compound this with regional rich snakes and you get the red state recipe. In many of these regions, awareness, information and change has passed over them, and the opiate of the masses, religion blinds these people to even their imminent demise. Met a black woman voting for McCain because of saving fetuses and gay marriage. No I get this. People in these adversely affected regions turn to the church to give them hope when all else fails. Never mind that it is a false hope. I'm not knocking spirituality. I will cite how generally, the concept of an after life was extracted from that vague, overly translated and often altered text called the Bible to get the medieval serfs to tolerate their misery of their poverty so the Lords and Kings could prosper. Please tell me how a fetus's life trumps that of an Iraqi child or family blown to bits? These swing states are suffering. They just lack the information Casacadia and other regions have and so are turning to the institutions which offer some kind of hope. We hold hope in fighting back or seceding. More realistic. These people go to the church which can be predatory. Faith is important. The slaves turned to the church for help since it was the only place white people allowed them to congregate. We'd do the same thing if we were denied that freedom. Take up whatever venue was available. Yet, there are toxic teachings in some of these churches and they are threaded into parts of the black community in regions like the south and midwest.

Yes, so I'm doing this campaign work. Honestly, I feel that we are in too much danger to really even have Barak Obama or even an independent be able to undo the great Bush swindle. Sorry, but I don't buy the line that things have to get worse or should get worse so people rise up and reclaim their government. I saw from the beginning, when I went to the protest of Bush's first election theft in DC and even before this we would not survive a Bush presidency. These rats also aren't so unbelievably stupid as to just let revolt happen. I don't want to be discouraging and NEVER give up. It is obvious they've been prepping their police and now the military to control any reaction to the audacious schemes they planned. It is just the same as if you rob a bank. You just don't go in, and take the money; you plan, set up a get away car or whatever else you need to take the money and run.

Hey, everybody! They are going to take the money and run. I've been ignoring the election because things are so extreme, even a best case scenario isn't going to save us. I joke with my black friends that the only reason they have let a black man this far in an election, the country will be such a mess, it will be irrelevant. It is like handing someone your wallet after you've taken all the money out of it. I do believe McCain will be the final nail in the coffin. I've ignored all the what my gut has been telling me has been false hope the less educated liberals have been feeling over the elections, because I'm way to experienced to just ignore what I've witnessed happen over the last 8 years and even further back to the WTO.

You can know something is really wrong and not put your finger on it. You read all kinds of things to figure out what it is. There is always somebody who claims to know the exact story. Really I think many sources are just getting pieces of a larger puzzle. I never follow any one source as a guru, because that is always a bad idea. There are pieces of truth everywhere though. I won't claim to have the answers either. If you have the same strangely ominous feeling in your gut of something going horribly amiss in the next several months, then that might be a better indicator. I watch the Obama campaign with the same feeling, that the faith people have in him saving us- while it would be nice- if he could save us, would they even let that happen? I mean at least they have to treat us to the fun of another stolen election. Just some thoughts. Maybe I'm just a paranoid idiot. This time I really hope I am this time.