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Gettin down with the Dow as it falls below 10,000

Well Girls, Boys and Trannies I hope all of you are holding on to your hoo-hoos

Yes that number is correct 10,000 (holds pinkie finger to corner of mouth like Dr Evil). So what the Sexual Intercourse is going to happen? I thought the Fascists solved the problem with the quick needed bailout of that 700 (actually 800) billion dollars (holds pinkie finger to corner of mouth like Dr Evil). Oh wait there are some of the Fascists now in their private jetliners headed to Dubai. So what will happen now? Maybe the media can focus on absolutely cute hockey mom Palin or the saintly Obama? maybe we need to focus on the upcoming football games and the hot lingerie ball, baby baby? Does not get you off the fact that your bill and debt are piling up? Ok what about some hot steamy furniture sex? That is right baby, furniture sex.


Steamy office chairs gettin it on! Love: the office style! Erotic file cabinets doing it like there was nothing wrong with the global economy! Damn! I just reminded myself of the global economic meltdown. I am such a "dick turn off." I am sorry. Well since I ruined the mood you might as well read up on the DOW. Sorry.
World stock markets shudder, Dow dips below 10,000

U.S. stock markets appeared ready to follow global markets lower Monday as investor worries spread that a $700 billion financial system rescue plan in the U.S. would not do enough to halt rising bank failures, tightening credit, and economic slowing worldwide.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dipped to 9,843 just before noon, marking the first time the Dow went below 10,000 in four years. Nasdaq dropped 5.5 percent to 1,840 before lunchtime.

European stock markets tumbled Monday. The FTSE 100 Index fell 245.58 points, or 4.93 percent, to 4,734.67 on the London Stock Exchange, while the Dax Index declined 293.49 points, or 5.06 percent, to 5,503.54 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. More bank failures roiled European trading. In Germany, a $68 billion bailout was arranged for Hypo Real Estate Holding AG while France's BNP Paribas SA agreed to buy the operations of Fortis in Belgium and Luxembourgfor $19.8 billion.