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George Mann returns to Portland

George Mann takes on The Man (again)
Hello Portland and Oregon Friends: I've finished "Farewell to the Thief!" -- the final CD in the anti-Bush compilation series-- and I'm coming to Oregon in October-- there are gigs in Corvallis, North Bend, Bandon, Florence and Ashland booked already, but I just booked a gig in Portland at the Chaos Cafe! I also released "Into the Fire," my solo CD, earlier this year. The concert at Chaos Cafe will feature plenty of the songs from both my solo work and the "Hail/Farewell to the Thief!" CDs. And rumor has it that a couple of my General Strike buddies might show for a few songs! I hope to see you there: Sunday, October 19 at 8 PM George Mann in Concert Chaos Cafe and Parlor, 2620 SE Powell Blvd. 503-546-8112; Suggested Admission $5, all welcome regardless! [IMG]http://i508.photobucket.com/albums/s328/jaeger25/ChaosCafe1019.jpg[/IMG]