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<b> video: </b> "Impeachment Necessity and Economic Parachutes"

The vigil on Thursdays outside a local congress office continues in this video that was filmed on 10.2.08
Impeach 10.2.08
Impeach 10.2.08
The Thursday Impeachment Vigil continues in Portland and will continue until Bush & Cheney leave office The Thursday noon - 2 protest is held outside of House District 3 NE Portland Office. House Rep. Earl Blumenhauer has yet to acknowledge the call for Impeachment hearings or any wrongdoing of the Bush administration serious enough to warrant any investigation. The protest this week was small but passionate. The theme of this video from the Impeachment vigil goes without saying (and should be) "Impeachment Necessity and Economic Parachutes" a 6 minute video on YouTube

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the video clip is here 07.Oct.2008 19:07

Joe Anybody


Impeachment Necessity and Economic Parachutes