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In these moments of final collapse of the non-value, speculative global economy placing millions of Americans in dire straights, my group of researchers - TEIC - has entrusted all immediate advisors and staffs of the campaign of Obama to frantically attempt to reach Bill and Hillary Clinton.
In these moments of final collapse of the non-value, speculative global economy placing millions of Americans in dire straights, my group of researches TEIC has entrusted all immediate advisors and staffs of the campaign of Obama, and the secretariats of Hillary Clinton, Hon. William J. Clinton, Senators Obama and Biron as well as Michael Moore and Al Gore with the right economic solution that is indicated in the attached letter sent to the Clintons this morning,which is pasted below.


To the First Secretaries of the Secretariats of Honorable William J. Clinton and of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who must distribute promptly to their superiors and to the Secretariats of Senator Obama, Senator Byron and ex-vice-president Albert Gore.



Scientific Human Economics, designed by Canadian Engineer, Jorge Torrealba, to sustain a stable, balanced, reciprocal and secret new form of bilateral trade needs a legal international standard of value to equally stabilize global trade and the economies of all Nations. That standard is the GNP/capita and will become the legal international standard when approved unanimously by a plenary session of the United Nations.

The new legal international monetary system gives all nation equal opportunity of growth and development and all Member States may reach full employment.

Contrary to the present Corporate-Banking-Stock-markets fraudulent and erratic thingamabob which is not a system which currencies are no-value-speculative-paper with artificial erratic wealth spread on Humanity to execute one-sided, totally distorted trade where the global wealth is oriented to the coffers of Bankers, Wall Street tycoons and other kinds of con artists. That Thingy has categorically fallen in all the capitals of the world and it is necessary to up-grade that defunct gizmo into a legal and technical economy equally good to all nation having rules of implementation and operation analogous to the Hydro-Power Plant, which operation is identical in all Nations and its efficiency is outstanding.

In general, the writers must keep in mind my strong (well informed) views regarding Russia and Venezuela. My third-hand information tells that the Standard must be approved urgently therefore Hon. Clinton must use all his charisma to appeal to a Humanity indifferent to the America of Bush and the world silently applauds the bravado of Putin and Venezuela. The second recommendation is that the happy, joyful Rally of transfer of technology to Obama must take place the earliest to predispose the World to listen with enthusiastic interest. The third is that the whole speech must tacitly persuade the adversaries of Bush such as Russia that is wishful thinking to disturb Obama "sole owner" of the next legal and technical economy of the World, who holds the loyalty of the author who is a committed volunteer to serve the President until Torrealba's death. I know that all the technical economic solutions of Russian researchers are some 2 years behind and are not based on an ethical standard but a materialistic one. If in May, Putin proposes his economy the whole world will laugh.

Other technical details maybe read in my book COUNTERATTACK (www.e-libro.net), particularly the definition of the Six Fundamental Principles that are the foundation of progress.

Conflicting countries such as Iran, Iraq and Pakistan need to sign bilateral agreements to achieve full employment. If they have militant terrorist organizations, the rest of the world does not trade with them until the terrorist hordes are dissolved and these desperados integrate themselves in their labour forces. Hon. Clinton must be forceful in his stern warning. If the Standard is approved by overwhelming majority, with Russia and the extreme adversaries abstaining or voting no, they themselves are banning them from bilateral trade. They would be reduced to trade with each only and not with those who voted Yes. All those voting yeas will have a parallel development. Russia and other adversaries will receive the same technical assistance like all others but their indiscipline will have a snail development that the populations will not endure.

The confident, charismatic and lyric speech of Hon. Clinton must hide the invisible darts to Russia. That kind of Speech will quench all international collusion against his joyful and friendly request to adopt the Standard.

The joyful rally must take place the soonest to allow time for me to go to Letterman, Leno, etc. with a technical message that will not involve the campaign, even if the comedians try to trip me. I can always react: I am a Canadian... Do you want to have me deported?
I think that my technical message must fill the TV waves until the last minute. It will distract from politicking and my subject is at the reach of any, provided that you take the step by step approach.

(Hon. William J. Clinton may be verbally abused by the delegates of Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq and other adversaries of the USA. His self-respect and mission of good-will of his impromptu presentation must advise him not to even bother to reply. I suggest that I - the author of the design - should accompany Hon. Clinton to be available in the back-ground to reply to "technical questions only", not political or rhetorical. The technical man can take all the bad mouthing the adversaries may pour by declaring that technical boundaries are firm and invariable and dictate the terms of operation.)

Sometimes I feel that Hillary must address the Assembly but then politics risks to politicize the debate. I suggest that this Address must be impromptu because it is done by an ex president of the USA who wishes to give the world a new technology that he knows will succeed in helping all Nations to overcome more than a Century of false non-value economics. He acted impromptu to symbolize that the technical economy must be managed by specialized engineers totally outside politics. He is now a distinguished Humanitarian not a politician, and his gesture is a warning to all governments - powerful or weak -that politics is incompatible with engineering.

(The above paragraph, I believe, implies a serious apolitical warning to Putin and Chavez who bluntly menaced to seize the trade of America).

I consider that the surprising visit of Hon. Clinton to the UN will reinforce the prestige and influence of Senator Clinton in the Senate and the Congress, and will make her the next President, after the 8 years of Obama. She is young and beautiful and must have a period full of activity and successes the eight years more in the Senate, getting things done. I see her also as Minister of Social Services which is the most important of a Cabinet managing Scientific Human Economics, where the Human Being is the only reason to implement a technical economic process.

A sentence by which all delegations will sense that Hon. Clinton is expressing America's Mea Culpa for Bush will convey the most powerful message to Russia, Venezuela e Iran: a technology establishing the bases for a Global Federation of Democracies with identical rights and responsibilities cannot be adapted to hegemonies, power and acquired privileges; the powerful must adapt to the technology like America must do. That's why the Scientific Human Economics transferred to America by the Engineer will be shared by Barak Obama with all the Nations of the World, through this noble Body.

Thanks God this Body has only the task to approve the standard which is necessary to return to the fair capitalism of the 1800. That's why America will vote yes and invites all other Member States to do the same.

As soon as Hon. Clinton is ready he would give a press conference stating enthusiastically that he has paid attention and has kept all his advisors studying a global procedure that is a system called Scientific Human Economics and he feels that it might work to resolve the global crisis. He intends to go to the General Assembly to chew the fat with all the delegations toward achieving consensus. Probably he could make that casual statement in the Hollywood Rally. Common sense advices that an ethical, fair and responsible technical global solution must replace forever the agonizing corporate fraud.
The technical solution of the global economy is inexcusably simple. The General Assembly must urgently approve the GNP/capita as the universal standard of value, to make this standard the legal foundation of our Scientific Human Economics and have President Obama launching a Global Marshall Plan to recover the economies of all the Nations and restore the dignity of the Human Being.

Finally, my telephone can be used 24/7.

Jorge Torrealba, Director General, TEIC,
Halifax, NS, Canada. 1-902-448-7417. (24Hr/7day)
 technomics@eastlink.ca; www.e-libro.net

All Obama campaigners must transfer this message to the local media asking to inform the national media. All readers of Indimedia must transfer this information to the secretariats of their Governors, Senators and Congressmen and to all their stoic friends victims of abusive and fraudulent foreclosures.

Parching up efforts to restore a corporate scam leads to a worst swindle for the people of America and the world

Thanks respectable and enduring American neighbours.

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