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So, now what to do?

This bailout is unprecedented crap. Even with it, inflation is to increase. Should we be relieved the decision has been made and go back to watching football? Already, the main headline on Fox news is the O.J. Simpson trial verdict. After the biggest heist in America!? Just in time... a celebrity scandal just when they needed it.
I'm sorry. I'm 35. Twenty years ago celebrities weren't covered in the evening news. Diversionary tactic by Fux News and I'll stop that rant here. Really now, what do we do? Fear mongering, martial law threats and all the sickening drama is over, but I've heard some say we still aren't solvent as a nation and this bailout raises new specters.

Boycotts and taking money out of involved banks is a no-brainer. I'd even advocate taking it out of all major banks. Maybe the small guy, the dinky savings and loan is the only way to go. The indy way we advocate in where we shop should be applied to where we bank; if we bank. I'm not sure the whole banking thing is a good idea. Old socks are vastly underrated. If a depression were to still happen, which is likely since food prices and gas prices also factor in to the picture, just taking money out of banks is not salvation. During the Great Depression, the dollar itself was worthless, so withdrawing your money won't save your ass in a real depression.

Definitely debt is not a good thing to have right now. Year ago I read that if foreign investors get pissy about getting paid back for their lending to the US, that the government will go after personal debts to cauterize the wound. This was years ago I when I read this. It sounded unlikely and extreme. Yet this past week kind of changes my attitude towards the unlikely and extreme. They'd sell us all out in a heartbeat. Debtors prisons as they had in old England may not happen , but having to liquidate your assets and lose them entirely seems possible if the worst scenarios play out.

This issue of personal debt came up again when the dollar weakened earlier this year. The dollar is the main currency used globally and this is said to be why the United States has some sort of global hegemony. As long as the dollar is the main currency used in purchasing oil, it has value. When the value of the dollar dropped it was said that it would, according to this information, make the whole effort of propping this nation up with loans not worth the trouble. Either way, this nation has to have some reason to justify foreign investment. We've outsourced our workforce, we have nothing of value to contribute to the world, save for agriculture and our military. We used up our oil decades ago and devour more than we can spare. Really, what exactly do we have to offer that justifies sustaining us?

One person I know is really into Alex Jones and has gotten me into lightly and somewhat dismissively following this type of information. I've tend to listen to it for more light entertainment. Also, I don't share the same beliefs as he does on many things; I am sure he's wrong about one major issue, but I'm starting to think he's smarter than I've give him credit. On these new sources there has been advice about investing in gold. The sources were right in that the value of gold has been increasing, sometimes rapidly in the last few years. India has been buying up tons of it the past few weeks. Essentially gold has value in that currencies are volatile and can drop, but the gold standard exists globally, though it has been nuked years ago in this country and I honestly couldn't say where it stands globally. I just know it is better than cash investments.
This friend is heavily invested in it and gloated about it. I can see why. Nothing happening in the markets would affect this type of investment, although the price can be controlled somewhat.
I'd already done my own research and said that under the Patriot Act, gold assets can be seized at will by the government. The only exception to this is gold coinage. I've glanced over some other sources stating gold coinage as a stable investment this past week, oddly enough. That this gold seizure was placed in the Patriot Act is strange enough; but parsing out the goals behind that hideous document is beyond my humble skills (or maybe I just can't accept the obvious about where that train wreck is headed).

Anarchists vandalized a National City branch in Pennsylvania. Vandalism is fine, but I've always noticed it is pocket change for these companies to replace windows or whatever. It is still good. Just tell me, what is the most annoying thing which can be done in response. Obviously, look after yourself, STAY OFF THE GRID; for practical and subversive reasons.

Anyone have any better ideas about what to do? I want an idea that would be the equivalent of having a red hot iron poker shoved up the asses of everyone on Wall Street and Capitol Hill. I know it isn't this easy, but you have to think big sometimes just to get motivated in the right direction. I'm game for anything. I'm not just talking about anarchist stuff. I'm talking about every possible way we can fight back; brains above all, not just brawn. So lets have a go at this!