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Health Care for All

A statement by Pacific Green Party Nominee for US Congress, 3rd District of Oregon
Health Care for All During the last decade the number of Americans with no health care insurance has increased by several tens of millions. It now numbers about 50 million, and is sure to increase with the wave of bankruptcies we can expect to follow the fall in the stock market and the collapse of the housing market. Even though the United States devotes a higher share of its gross domestic product to health care than any other country in the world, we are near the bottom of the industrialized nations in average lifespan, in quality of health care, and in citizen satisfaction with healthcare. The answer is clear only a national single-payer health plan, one which will extend healthcare to all citizens on the basis of the fact that they are people. Every other industrialized nation has done this, long ago. Neither major supports a true single-payer heath plan, but support variations of bills that still reserves an immense portion of health-care money for insurance companies. Now there is a bill proposal HR 676 "The United States National Health Insurance Act" which supports a single-payer heath plan, which has been supported by the majority of doctors; 112 central labor councils, and 35 state AFL-CIOs, including those of Oregon and Washington, have endorsed it. But of the 92 cosponsors none are from Oregon. This is the time for our representatives to support a single-payer plan that has a real chance of improving the lives of millions of Americans, and of hundreds of thousands of Oregonians. Michael Meo, Pacific Green Party Nominee for US Congress, 3rd District of Oregon