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Fred Meyer and Hate-Mongering in the Oregonian

9-28-08, the Oregonian distributed a hate-mongering DVD designed to whip up fear and hatred of Muslims. Fred Meyer is one of the Oregonians biggest advertising accounts. Write and boycott Fred Meyer until the Oregonian apologizes and makes amends.
Here is the email I just sent Fred Meyer:

You heavily advertise in the Oregonian, a Portland daily paper. On 9-28-08, the publisher of the Oregonian distributed with the paper a DVD titled 'Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West.' This DVD is generally regarded to be a bigoted and untruthful piece of hate-mongering, designed to inflame public opinion against Muslims world-wide. Less that a week after this disk was distributed in Dayton, Ohio, unknown persons attacked an Islamic community center by releasing noxious vapors, burning to the eyes and nose, into the child care room.

In Portland, Mayor Tom Potter and other community leaders asked the Oregonian not to distribute the disk but the Oregonian did it anyway.

I cannot patronize any institution that has anything to do with hate-mongering and religious/racial bigotry. It pains me to say this, but until the Oregonian apologizes for this affront to public decency, I can no longer patronize Fred Meyer stores. I hope that Fred Meyer can influence the Oregonian to pick a more responsible path.

Here's the link to Fred Meyer's Complaint Dept.:


homepage: homepage: http://www.fredmeyer.com/customercomments.htm