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Bailout legislation (bank heist) failed

fascism is still on the march
Bailout legislation (bank heist) failed

this is a mix blessing. Had this measure not failed I really think we would have seen a populous uprising today. Which we NEED. On the other hand this bailout (bank heist) would have issued in a new phase of Corporatism (and still will, but now not giving the elite the money without a fight).. this new phase which we are headed to is Neo-Feudalism. Where the debtors are serfs and the corporate elite are noble lords buying up property of bankrupt households and forcing labour into near slavery conditions. The vote against the Bank Heist does not mean we are safe, but it means that they (the corporate fascist "man-pig hybrids") just did not get the people's money as easy as they thought. We are still far from safe, but this is a small victory in a little fist fight in a huge global war. Remember one ploy is to distract and as we were focused on the bailout and the debate as some sick entertainment, they were also bring troops to be deployed in the US and preparing for election fraud in November 4th.

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an idea 29.Sep.2008 12:23

Ecotopian Yeti

Maybe we should demand there be an investigation of Mr Paulson now that this incarnation of the bank heist is over. Maybe we should flood the e-mails, phone messages and so forth of the various congresspersons like Kucinich and DeFazio to call for an investigation. Ideally ending with arrests to defraud the US government and the People.

Dodging the bullet 29.Sep.2008 17:27

East Bank Thom

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