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Tacoma: Condos Attacked, Billboards Defaced

Article below:

last night, a group of people vandalized two billboards for the point ruston condos and attacked an under-construction condo. one billboard had the words FUCK CONDOS spraypainted across it. the other one had several paintbombs thrown at it. the condos, located near the corner of north state and north eigth street, were paintbombed and had two very large windows of the second story smashed out.

the point ruston condos are just one of many construction projects that are exploiting their workers and throwing them into toxic environments just so that rich yuppies can look out at mount ranier while sipping their cappucino in their posh living room before driving to work in seattle, which is where they came from. the billboards for these condos are in poor areas. they were vandalized so that people will know that these condos and the people who build them are not welcome.

the condo that was attacked is merely another condo, designed to pull in wealthy reisidents, raise property values, push fascist ideals of architectual beauty and further gentrify tacoma. all condos are subject to attack.

the system is crashing and we are the cracks. jump and kick and smash and run. tear the veil off people's eyes. we are in a new world and there isn't time for bullshit. do whatever you can and do it quickly. stop spectating. join in.

this action is in solidarity with those fighting for their homes in guelph, the rnc 8, and paul newman. we have all stolen his cookies.

make total destroy.