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When: 5pm, Wednesday, Oct. 1
(Rain or Shine, Deal or No Deal)

Where: Federal Building, SW 3rd and Madison, Downtown Portland

The Wall-Street blank check bail-out, driven by corporate greed, is still
moving ahead in Congress, so far without any of the commitments that JwJ
and allies have insisted are needed to Save The Economy, Pronto.

Several national groups and economists agree that we can and must push for
a better deal for Main Street.

Based on a conference call today with JwJ activists from around the
country, Jobs with Justice has decided to call for a
NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION on Wednesday, Oct. 1
We are calling all our stakeholders and members and allies to hit the
streets on Wednesday to make sure Congress serves Main Street before Wall

We will do this Day of Action whether the Wall Street Bail-out bill has
passed by then or not!!

Jobs with Justice members know that Congress needs to act strongly (but
not in a panic) to address the immediate financial crisis, but we also
need a deeper, long-term restructuring of our economy so it works for

and if you can't make the above protest on Wednesday....

Dear Friends,

Thank you for supporting the Teamsters at Oak Harbor Freight who are
fighting for a fair contract. I was out on their picket line last night
and the workers I met were in good spirits but they are furious at the
way Oak Harbor is treating them. The company has hired scabs and is
continuing to move freight in spite of the strike.

Portland JwJ is organizing an independent action in support of the
Teamsters to put some more pressure on several of Oak Harbor's biggest
customers. We are forming a delegation to visit the Gap and REI to
demand that they refuse to do business with Oak Harbor until they agree
to bargain in good faith.

The plan is to meet at the northwest corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square
at 1pm on Wednesday, October 1st and walk to the Gap where we will
deliver our message and pass out
fliers to customers. After that we will
head over to the Pearl district (via foot or streetcar) and do the same
at REI. This will be a short action and I don't anticipate it taking
longer than an hour to visit both stores.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email me, and if you know
of anyone who would be interested in joining us please let me know so I
can fill them in.

Thanks for your help!

In solidarity,


Andrea Townsend, Organizer
Portland Jobs with Justice
6025 E. Burnside St.
Portland, Oregon 97215
503-236-5573 (office)
503-756-9103 (cell)

Prefect day for Martial Law (I love the smell of Napam in the morning) 28.Sep.2008 17:32

Ecotopian Yeti

I am NOT against a protest. Just why Wednesday the first of October? I know I know not enough tie for tomorrow.

Here is my concern


I am not against the protest. I advise that one use something different. A new tact

Why wait until Weds? 29.Sep.2008 02:46


I agree, it seems strange to wait, since COngress is going to vote on the bill in the House of Reps. tomorrow (Monday!) We should be in the streets then, not a few days after it's been voted on!!!
Keep up the pressure all week, too.