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NO MORE FOIE GRAS Double Demo: Fenouil and Blue Hour

What: Foie Gras Double Demo
When: Saturday, September 20th 6:30 pm
Where: MEET @ NW 10th and Davis (by Blossoming Lotus)
Why: No More Foie Gras!!!
Saturday September 20th - Raise Your Voice... No More Foie Gras!

This Saturday, join fellow activists in the resistance against Foie Gras. The night will be a tour through the cruelty of the Pearl District, as there will be two targets- Fenouil and Blue Hour

In case you haven't heard, the campaign to eliminate Foie Gras in Portland is heating up! Every Saturday, and many other days during the week, activists gather outside Bluehour to educate the public about foie gras and to protest business partners Kenny Giambalvo (yes that's Kenny G.) and Bruce Carey for the culinary cruelty they promote at their Pearl District restaurant. With the truth at their doorstep, the duo still refuse to make the ethical decision to remove foie gras from their blood-soaked menu... and the activists, armed with compassion, refuse to give up on the truth. Even recently, a group of autonomous individuals stink bombed the dining room in protest of Bluehour's support of animal cruelty ( link to portland.indymedia.org).

Furthermore, many patrons have become infuriated after not only finding out about the cruel truth behind foie gras production, but also after the realization that Bluehour dupes its customers by lying about where they source their food. The restaurant claims to serve fresh ingredients from the best local farms but in reality it purchases its factory farmed foie gras from Sonoma Foie Gras over 600 miles away.

Whether or not the intensity of the Blue Hour campaign is a foreshadow of what is to come at Fenouil, we can only find out. They deceived us once, and that will not happen again. One thing is for sure, both restaurants deserve all the passion, justice, and protest that Portland can bring.

Foie Gras is a status symbol. Translated from French, it means Fatty Liver. To produce, ducks and geese MUST be force-fed by gavage (The French take the process so seriously that there is a law in place to preserve it). It is the epitome of oppression, of cruelty, of exploitation and of bourgeois privilege.

A quick summary of the process:
Gavage means that ducks and geese have a long metal pipe forced down their throats, often this act actually punctures their throats. Through the pipe pumps pounds of grain. This happens three times per day. The goal of this heinous act is to fatten the animal's liver 10-12 times its normal size. The result is a diseased and fatty liver.

Saturday's demo promises be loud, intense, and great time, as long as people come and support the effort. Please make it out and support the end of the inherent cruelty that is Foie Gras. Let the privileged know that their status can no longer be satisfied by the unjustified suffering of other beings. If you can't make it please call them anyway and ask them to stop serving foie gras!

A pre-demo uniformity and solidarity meeting is at 6:30 pm at NW 10th and Davis right near Blossoming Lotus. Then, at 7pm we will demo Fenouil. Around 8pm-8:30pm we will then walk to Blue Hour. But PLEASE! Make it to the 6:30 solidarity to make sure the demo goes smoothly and uniformly!!!!!!!

Email or call Bluehour and let head chef Kenny Giambalvo and co-owner Bruce Carey know that Portland wants foie gras gone! Their lunch starts at 11:30 am and we can call all day if needs be! Also contact Fenouil to remind them that they are not forgotten, and neither are the animals that suffer in their name.

250 NW 13th Ave
T 503.226.3394

Liz Calderón - Contact Person for Bruce Carey
T 503.548.4500
F 866.254.6973

900 NW 11th Ave
T 503.525.2225
F 503.525.2224