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U.S. Citizen Raped & Murdered In Oaxaca

Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca - Thursday, September 25
Brother and sisters, Our hearts are full of sadness and rage because our sister Sali was brutally raped and murdered 20 minutes from San Jose del Pacifico and up to this moment the Oaxacan Attorney General's Office, as is its custom, is not doing anything regarding the fact that there exist witnesses who have information to identify those responsible.
Marcella Sali Grace was born in the United States, with a big heart in solidarity with just causes. She had many friend because she was always inclined to help, using her artistic talents to paint a banner or a wall or dancing Arabic dance to raise funds for the struggle, or putting on punk shows, or giving self-defense courses to the women because she knew very well how the men accosted them. This was one of her struggles, that women were free and respected. Sali was so involved in the struggle that she was an international accompanier of brothers and sisters who felt harassed by the bad government of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

Unfortunately, on September 24, a woman's body was found with the physical characteristics of Sali, in a deserted cabin twenty minutes from the village of San Jose del Pacifico and at the moment when a village member went to feed some dogs around that area, he was struck by a fetid odor coming from this cabin and notified the municipal authorities of the village, who proceeded to removed the body that was found which was already in a state of decay, and after these events, they did not give any more information to the people in the village.

Yesterday, companera Julieta Cruz (who knew Sali was headed for San Jose del Pacifico) was informed that a young, foreign woman was found in the Miahuatlan amphitheatre, where she went, and where she recognized the body of Sali because of the tattoos she had, as her face was unrecognizable. Julieta thinks it is because of burns, but it doesn't explain why the rest of her body has less visible damage. When we asked for the case number we were denied as well from seeing the results of the autopsy, as they argued with us that because we weren't relatives they couldn't give us any information.

Due to her solidarity work with the popular struggle of the people of Oaxaca, in other struggles in the world and against the racism on Mexico's border with the U.S., on different occasions and to different people, Sali mentioned that recently in Oaxaca she had suffered political persecution and surveillance. This makes us think that her cowardly murderer is related to the widespread repression against the social movement and directed particularly at international observers. Because of this, we don't dismiss that the intellectual authors are the same who ordered the repression against the people of Oaxaca in their struggle for justice and freedom.

In the face of these bloody events, and for the brutal cruelty used against companera Sali, we don't disregard that this could be a clear message directed at all the people of Oaxaca, as well as the companeros in solidarity from different parts of the world; we say this based on the recent national and international news which says that "APPO members were the ones who killed U.S. journalist Bradley Roland Will" and as there is no justice in Oaxaca, we worry that the distortion of information could interfere in procuring true justice for our companera and the clear bureaucratic slowness with which the involved authorities are already treating this investigation.

In the face of these lamentable events, WE DEMAND:

The immediate speeding up of the investigations.

The immediate clarification of the facts.

Punishment for the intellectual and material murderers.

Justice for our sister Marcella Sali Grace!

Enough is enough with of the murders, violence and hate against women who fight for justice!

We ask you to sign on (at the email indicated) to this demand for justice and to become a part of the urgent activities to demand the clarification of these cowardly acts.

rebeldiasentrelazadas [at] yahoo.
Information: (01 951) 5178190 CIPO

9:00 am Presence at the U.S.

Consulate in Oaxaca
(Santo Domingo Plaza, Col.

Centro, Oaxaca)

12:00 noon Rally at the State Attorney General's Office: To demand the case is brought to Oaxaca and to speed up the bureaucratic procedures for the administration of justice.

(Domicilio conocido, San Antonio de la Cal, Col. Experimental).

Encuentro de Mujeres Oaxaquenas "Compartiendo Voces de Esperanza"
Colectivo Mujer Nueva
Consejo Indigena Popular de Oaxaca Ricardo Flores Magon
Voces Oaxaquenas Construyendo Autonomia y Libertad
Colectivo Tod@s Somos Pres@s
Encuentro de Jovenes en el Movimiento Social Oaxaqueno
(... )


Translation by Scott Campbell
 link to angrywhitekid.blogs.com

Marcella Sali Grace 26.Sep.2008 20:49


Marcella Sali Grace
Marcella Sali Grace

beautiful photo of an even more beautiful person... 27.Sep.2008 12:00



updates... 28.Sep.2008 15:39

here are some updates from a reporter from narco news...

from  http://mywordismyweapon.blogspot.com/

Mexican Activists Turn Over Mexico City Man to Police in Sally Grace Eiler Murder Case

Last night Mexican police transferred Omar Yoguez Singu, 32, to the Oaxacan attorney general's custody for murdering 20-year-old Marcella "Sally" Grace Eiler. The AP reports that he claims he had consensual sex with Sally, then killed her with a machete during an argument.

Yoguez Singu was captured thanks to the quick action of Oaxacan activists who publicized her murder internationally.

Yoguez Singu raised his friends' suspicions when he returned to Mexico City from a recent trip to San Jose del Pacifico, were locals discovered Sally's decaying and mutilated body in a cabin. They noticed that he was injured and that his two dogs were missing, so they asked him what happened. Yoguez Singu reportedly told them that one of his dogs bit a child in the community, so locals tried to kill the dog with a machete. He allegedly told them that he was injured attempting to save the dog.

Thanks to the widely disseminated statement signed by Oaxacan organizations that Sally worked with, people in Yoguez Singu's circle of friends knew that a woman was murdered in San Jose del Pacifico while Yoguez Singu was there. They called activists in Oaxaca to confirm Yoguez Singu's story about his dogs.

Townspeople from San Jose del Pacifico denied Yoguez Singu's story. They said both of the dogs were still with them because Yoguez Singu had left without them. They also reportedly said he was the last person they saw with Sally before she disappeared.

When Yoguez Singu's friends confronted him about his lies, he reportedly confessed to them. His friends kept an eye on him while Oaxacan activists made the trip to Mexico City to obtain an arrest warrant.

When the arrest warrant was finalized, activists reportedly arranged to meet police in a supermarket to hand over Yoguez Singu. The AP reports that he was arrested on Wednesday, September 24.

Activists were quick to place Sally's murder in the context of rampant unchecked violence against women in Oaxaca. They note that aggressors are hardly ever punished for their crimes. "There is no justice in Oaxaca," said a spokesperson for the Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca - Ricardo Flores Magon (CIPO-RFM).

If you know Sali's Family 28.Sep.2008 15:49


Please ask them to wait to cremate Sali's body. There is reason to believe that she may have been murdered by someone other than who the government has fingered. Please ask them to allow for a thorough investigation first.

missing you 28.Sep.2008 15:51


I am too tired and emotionally drained to explain the sadness I feel over the loss of a friend and the loss of such an incredible, powerful, brilliant companera. It is devistating and shocking.

I know a lot of people in Portland and Eugene where good friends of hers, as Sali was such a loving person with such a motivation to keep in contact (I wouldn't have been so blessed to have her friendship, 'cept after we met briefly in Oaxaca last summer she put forth the effort of writing me regularly, something I am still learning to do, myself...)and I want to open the lines of communication for anyone here who needs to greive with others. I know there will probably be memorial services and stuff in Eugene....and if anyone wants and needs to talk about it here...I think we need to create a safe space for that. just putting it out there...

do, with that I figured I'd post a few pictures....from her band's myspace...Cizaņa....I have a bunch more from my big ol' box of mexico pictures....and if anyone knows a good place to send those (i.e. her family, any memorial stuff, etc....) let me know.

<a href=" link to smg.photobucket.com border="0" alt="sali"></a>
<a href=" link to smg.photobucket.com border="0" alt="sali2"></a>
<a href=" link to smg.photobucket.com border="0" alt="sali2"></a>
("hot can you call someone dead who fought for life?")

Remembrances of Sali for Eugene Weekly 28.Sep.2008 19:04

Eco Advocate

Camilla Mortensen from the Eugene Weekly wants to do a memorial story about Sali (concentrating on her life rather than her horrible death) and is looking for folks who knew her to share their memories. Camilla can be emailed at  camilla@eugeneweekly.com or 541 484 0519.

Killer/Rapist possibly found <?> 29.Sep.2008 10:10

Joe Anybody

I heard on the corporate news radioon Sunday that a person was found who may of been responsible for Sali's murder?

It was a one sentence news story.

A letter to my community about Marcella Sali Grace. 9/29/08 29.Sep.2008 20:31

cen * dancer acendance@gmail.com

A letter to my community about Marcella Sali Grace.

Marcella Sali Grace is an amazing person who I have loved for many years. I met her when we were somewhere around 14 and 16, working with a radical environmentalist group to protect old growth trees from getting cut down. Our relationship has unfolded and grown in that time, she is someone I had a lot of disagreements with and have always respected, and I love her for so many reasons. There have been few times in my life when I have been this angry, and I am deeply affected by her murder.

I preface this letter with my relationship with Sali and the depth of my sadness because there are a lot of important things that need to be said right now, it's a touchy subject for anyone who is grieving her loss, and I want you to know that I am here too.

After a very brief conversation with another friend about what a huge deal politically Sali's death is and about the organizing that people want around it, I read an article that compared her with Brad Will, "a martyr".

And even though this time is one of tenderness and I want to convey respect to everyone else who is mourning Sali's death, I want to voice concern about how our response is going to be made. I know on a fundamental level that we care more about people that we know, and that the tragedy of this will affect those of us who know her more. That's something I understand, and feel no guilt or judgment of. But there's something else going on. When Brad Will, Rachel Corrie, and probably many other white US citizens have died, people make them out as martyrs. This is a legacy that is rooted in colonizing, in missionaries, and in many other dynamics of more privileged activists working in other communities.

Why is it that when white people die their lives are valued more? Why is it that somehow the deaths of people in our community, of white US citizens, are a bigger deal, something more significant, something that signifies indeed, "things really are fucked up down there"? Why are people paying more attention now?
To me, knowing and loving Sali is not a reason to repeat this dynamic again.

For whatever political responses that get made about Oaxaca and Sali's death, I want to see how we can address these issues. I want to know that we are standing in solidarity, and truly standing in solidarity, rather than making this an issue about how her death really means more to us than anyone else's.

I don't really know what true solidarity can look like right now, but I wanna open up this dialogue to challenge ourselves, and each other, while remaining supportive of each other's grieving. There are many conversations to be had.

I love you all very much. If you want to respond, challenge, give me feedback, or talk to me about this for any reason, you can email me at  acendance@gmail.com.


Please repost.

If this get reposted to any other media, I'd like to know.

memorial and stories about Sali 30.Sep.2008 16:50

jordyn jordhyn@hotmail.com

does anyone know about a memorial planned this week?!

folks from d.f. are also thinking about putting something together similar to the idea below.....maybe contact myself of Malkriad@s for help translating ( I am thinking Malkriad@s because other collective members were good friends of hers as well....)

-----------------------------------------from Julli@---------------

sali's mom wants to collect stories of her for her memorial. if you have any, (im sure most of you have many, she is a pretty lively and funny person) please email them to me -  youheardofit@gmail.com - or send them through myspace.

also, i am planning a memorial in a couple of weeks, if anyone has questions about that or has plans for another memorial, please let me know.

take care

memorial website 02.Oct.2008 20:30

for sally

read stories, look at photos, contribute here:  http://sali-ratty.weebly.com/index.html

SALI PRESENTE! this Sunday at Liberty Hall! 07.Oct.2008 16:29

Jordyn jordhyn@hotmail.com

so, SUNDAY, not saturday. repost this please. For Info and to see the flier: http://sali-ratty.weebly.com/memorials.html If you can help with anything, especially food and refreshments (no alchohol), please contact me, Jordyn --------------------------------------------------------------------- our safer space policy: 1. You will be physically removed after one warning. Only one warning. 2. NO EXCEPTIONS-- ASSAULT AND OPPRESSION ARE SERIOUS, ACCOUNTABILITY WILL BE EQUALLY SERIOUS. 3. OPPRESSIVE BEHAVIOR INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO: racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, ableism, ageism, sizism, transphobia, xenophobia, tokenization, and speciesism. These oppressions occur via language, body language, lack of language, response, lack of response and any other action that oppresses or threatens other people. 4. Be aware of your privelege and watch how much space you take up, be aware that you are not always right, your culture isn't always right. 5. Be aware what can trigger other people, watch it and stop! Stop means stop! and that request does not require an explanation. 6. Be aware of the complexity of privilege and non privilege. 7. The young and old are revolutionaries--Fuck the USA twenty something obsession! 8. P.C. vs not P.C. is bullshit. Its about respect or non respect. Liberals are P.C. Revolutionaries are accountably respectful. 9. We are not cops, we are folks demanding a space under the sun for our own survival and revolutionary growth, and nobody has a right to deny us that. 10. Mutual respect and aid is our strength and lifeline, we will not survive without it. This policy is designed to preserve that lifeline.