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McCain clearly lost the debate

After comparing Obama/McCain, I decide to not vote.
Obama will free Mumia.
McCain owns too many houses.

Obama will appoint Anarchists and Street Medics to his cabinet.
McCain is not a Vegan and used to kill babies.

Obama embraces the hip-hop culture.
McCain proclaims, "Bombs not Food!"

Obama was born in Hawaii.
McCain was born in Panama.

You can have an Obama campaign sign in your yard.
Your McCain sign will be destroyed or stolen.

Nader Lost by Exclusion 26.Sep.2008 21:42

Ben Waiting

lets see a real debate with all the candidates
lets gets some damn information disseminated
thats what i have been waiting for
Plutocracy 2008
Plutocracy 2008

Obama - debate Cynthia! 27.Sep.2008 15:32

Shy V.

Cynthia McKinney offered to debate Obama had McCain backed out. It would have been a real debate: Cynthia wants to end all the US occupations, including Afghanistan, dismantle the prison industry, pay living wages, and a whole slew of other things that Barack 'Wall Street' Obama will not touch.

I hope you were kidding about the Anarchists. He hates them. Why would he sit on the Homegrown Terrorism Act Comittee if he didn't?

I don't know where people get the idea that he is for the poor and for the average person. He is a corporate candidate with a coprporate voting record.