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Two Party Debates

How many people realize that the two major parties control the debates: pick the locations, set the rules, select the moderators, and determines which candidates participate?
The Presidential Debate Commission (PDC) is also exclusively funded by 11 corporations and operates mostly in secret. The head of the PDC earns a $175,000 per year, even in off election years. Since hijacking this process from the League of Women Voters back in 1988, Ross Perot was the only non Republican or Democrat who has been allowed to participate and that was only one time despite two presidential campaigns.

In 2000, the PDC denied Nader's participation and ended up paying him $25,000 and a written apology to settle a lawsuit. In 2004, they actually arrested Green Party candidate David Cobb and Libertarian candidate __ Badnarik when they attempted to enter the building.

Tonight you'll hear from the two corporate candidates running for president. You won't hear from Nader, McKinney or any of the other candidates. You may wonder why but you should know by now the game is rigged.

You can read a great article on the PDC by Josh Israel on The Center for Public Integrity's website:  http://www.publicintegrity.org/articles/entry/712/#addComment