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MUMIA Needs Our Help

Hoping to get some love and support from people in Portland in support for Mumia!
As we are just waiting to see whats going on with Mumia next, his life is on the line! It's gonna take folks from ALL OVER to come and support for him. I know theres a strong support of peeps out here who are aware of MUMIA ,but are not that aware of his current state. Me and a few other good strong organizers are setting up an event in Solidarity with MUMIA. Which will take place Dec.9 the night in which Officer Faulkner was shot and MUMIA was charged with the murder. The event will cover Mumias case and how i ties into people in Portland the event topic will cover Police Brutalit,conspiracy,poverty in Portland.

So i'm calling all people to email me with questions or folks who wanna help out in any way. MUMIA NEEDS OUR HELP!! IF WE CANT SAVE MUMIA ,NONE OF US ARE FREE!!!