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Obama Goons Call Police Over Questions

An activist approached an Obama table on Church St. in Burlington VT and
was asking questions about Brzezinski's role in the campaign. The Obama
supporters called the police and had him arrested!
Fascists are not always dressed up in uniforms goose stepping behind tanks, they can be little old ladies
in nominal Liberal towns. That was evident this last Sunday here in "Liberal" Burlington VT, when my friend, a
quite unassuming graduate electrical engineering student, approached an Obama table on our main pedestrian mall
with questions. Merely asking about Brzezinksi's role in the Obama campaign was enough for the Obama goons to call
the police.

My friend was chased down by the police, AFTER HE WALKED AWAY FROM THE TABLE, ordered down on the ground with
the threat of being tasered and handcuffed. He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and spent
35 hours in jail. He will have to face a trial before a jury in one month. A restraining order was filed and
he is now barred from walking on Church Street, our towns main thoroughfare.

This is Obama America folks. "Change" yeah, more war, more police state... Don't believe the false hope campaign.

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