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Siren Nation Workshops (free): Sunday, Nov. 9th

Come attend the fabulous free workshops of the Siren Nation festival.
Sunday, Nov. 9th from 11am-5pm
@the Kennedy School

11-12:15 in the Agnes Kennedy White (AKW) Library
Women and Orgasm
In a safe space, Virgina Martin, Sexuality Educator from Its My Pleasure, will establish ground rules, then lead the class in a discussion of women, sexuality, and culture, anatomy, common obstacles to orgasm, types of orgasm, masturbation, sex toys, and finally lead the class through an erotica checklist and answer questions. This is the workshop for you if you have any interest in sex! (Open to all women-identified people).

11-12:15 in Mina Parsons Room
Survivalist Skills I: Canning and Preserving How-To

Have you noticed that food is getting pretty expensive? With rising fuel costs and increasing populations, food will only continue to cost more. One answer to this issue is to grow your own! Prepare for winter by canning and preserving your garden gifts. Harriet Fasenfest, a writer, cook, gardener, and backyard economist, will teach you about the mechanisms of canning, points of safety, and why preserving your own food is such a good idea.

11-12:15 in Martha Jordan Room
Self-Defense by Women Strength

The WomenStrength program presents a workshop about personal safety. Topics will include methods that attackers use to access potential targets, various strategies for preventing and ending attacks, assertiveness and sexual assault prevention. Discussion is designed to help people identify their risks, evaluate their strengths, and to explore their options for dealing with the threat of violence.
Emphasis is placed on options, not rigid safety rules. No physical self-defense skills will be taught in this workshop, but information on physical classes will be provided for anyone who is interested.

The workshop will be led by Nikki Wolff-Coney, a WomenStrength volunteer self-defense instructor. Nikki is also a domestic violence advocate with the Raphael House of Portland, cheerleader for Women's rights and a Navy veteran. Nikki's contagious enthusiasm will engage participants to examine their own personal safety concepts and feel empowered by action.

12:30-1:45 in AKW Library
Women's Herbal Health by Dr. Jen Clemons
Dr. Jennifer Clemons believes education is one of the best tools for healing. She is both a naturopathic doctor (ND) and a licensed acupuncturist (LAc.) and began studying botanicals in Boulder, Colorado in 1995. She is eager to share with you in a discussion of some of the more and lesser known herbal allies and their medicinal uses.

12:30-1:45 in Mina Parsons Room
Drop Spindle Workshop

Learn how to spin knit ready yarn on a drop spindle! This workshop will provide drop spindles and wool or fur to use. You will learn to spin fur or wool into 1-ply yarn and for those who are so
daring...3-ply! 3-ply is ready-to-knit yarn!!!

Presented by Rachael Cook:
"I learned from radical faeries! Otherwise I am a self taught everything. Can't
wait to share the joy of spinning yarn."

12:30-1:45 in Martha Jordan Room
Music as a Tool for Social Change

Please join our panel of talented women to discuss the effects of music on society-specifically, the use of music to create social change. Mary Ann Naylor of Church of Girl Radio, local musician Malcolm Rollick, Carla de Santis of ROCKRGRL magazine, and Brenna Sahatjian of Riot Folk will share their own experiences of integrating music with activism, as well as lead the workshop participants in thoughtful discussion. Please come prepared to think deeply and share openly!


2:00-3:30 in the Library
The Green Scare: What it Is and How to Fight Back
Corporations and politicians consider modern environmental and animal liberation activists America's # 1 terrorist threat. Their hype, termed the "GreenScare" by many, is focused in suppressing all nonviolent direct action and chilling radical activism. This workshop will describe methods in recognizing tactics of the "Green Scare," and will demonstrate combative tactics of security culture while fighting back with knowledge and solidarity. Presented by Steph and Tim from the Animal Defense League.

2:00-3:30 in Mina Parsons Room
Book Your Own Fucking Writing Career
Author and literary arts promoter Michelle Tea will share with the public any and all knowledge she has about the creating of a writing career and, more importantly, a writer's life, when you have not graduated from a prestigious writing University and had your thesis project floated to a high-powered agent on the hands of a doting professor. Topics include writing, publishing, literary community, open mics, tours, promotion, and whatever else comes into the instructor's head.

Michelle Tea is co-founder of Sister Spit, which began as an all-girl open mic in San Francisco in the 90s and mutated into an annual national tour. In 2007 she revived the monster with Sister Spit: The
Next Generation, which is commited to taking female writers and literary performers across the US to perform for a variety of audiences. She is the creator and director of Radar productions, which oversees the tour, ongoing and spontaneous literary events in San Francisco, a writers' retreat, and more fun things for writers and people who read. She is also herself a writer.

2:00-3:30 in Martha Jordan Room
Electronic Music

This workshop, co-presented by two local electronic music composers and performers, will show how to make beats, breaks, basslines and soundscapes with computers, sequencers, synthesizers, drum machines, bass, guitar, handheld electronics and found sound. We will cover the basics of sound creation as well as techniques for sculpting and layering with audio. Technology can be a key to unlock your creativity to create sounds, find songs, and build rich, textured sonic environments using layers of self- created and self-directed sound. This workshop and Q&A will be presented by Sugar Shortwave and Heather Perkins.

Sugar Shortwave is a Portland based musician, engineer, producer, and film maker. She maintains an openness towards creation through her own patented sensory delay method of rehabilitating music structure for a tuned and well adjusted audience. Heather Perkins is Composer, Sound Designer & Mad Scientist at WaterDog Studio in Portland, where she makes music and sound for love, and for a living. Two solo CDs of her music - "Little Humans" and "Telekinesis Nanette" - are coming out this year on Land-O-Newts! Records.


3:45-5:00 in the Library
Tales of Entrepreneurship: Women in the Business World
A panel of small business-owners will speak about their experiences in defining their dreams and setting up their businesses. Topics will include navigating legal paperwork, securing financing, getting necessary licenses, permits, and insurance, marketing and advertising, and how to utilize the public resources and free advice Portland offers. Panelists include Aisling Doyle, owner of A Walk in the Bark dog-walking business, Stacy Bias, activist, educator, and entrepreneur specializing in event organizing and products that empower queer folks and women of size, and Dr. JJ Pursell, owner of The Herb Shoppe. This is a must-attend workshop for anyone interested starting their own business.

3:45-5:00 in Mina Parsons Room
Survivalist Skills III: How to Build a Portable Rocket Stove
Did you know that there is a sustainable way to cook and heat with wood using twigs instead of giant logs from clearcut forests? You can actually grow trees faster than you use the wood with the rocket stove model! In a time when both oil/gas and wood are coming into short supply, you can learn how to preserve and ration cooking and heating resources. This hands-on workshop will lead you through the steps of building a small, basic rocket stove that can be used for cooking. It will give you the skills to build your own small rocket stove, and hopefully pique your interest in this cooking/heating model so that you will seek out further education to deepen your understanding and skill base. Presented by Christine Haboush, who hopes that you will share these skills with everyone you meet.

3:45-5:00 in Martha Jordan Room
Get Your Dance On: A Workshop on Burlesque
Sahara Dunes, proprietress of Burly Girl Productions and a burlesque artist, is here today to present a knock down,drag out simple lesson on burlesque-the way it was, is, and meant to be. This burlesque presentation will give you a basic understanding of where burlesque first started to the revival known now a days as neo-burlesque. You will also learn some fun sassy moves you can share with friends or your loved one.

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