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Historic Election

you need to work harder-
Historic Election

I want to congratulate everyone on an historic election.
You don't need to show up.
We will try to keep you from the rosters.
But your field overseer might be black or a woman,
So token this to your pockets,
Our parties are capable of change.
We have heard your wishes and while
You can carry a telecom ATT immunities bag at the DNC
Or you can talk about "Palin" while the tear gas falls at the RNC
We are capable of great static.
The lines are raised
And everyone knows the old refrain.
Those protestors got what they came for.
We have emptied the cupboards of tea in boston
And $50 million was spent on security for a group of 3,000 dissenters
Whose great horrible crime was carrying signs for too long, too long, too long.
In the fields people got to work and we don't need no distractions. Go home, go home, go home.
And the journalist who did not find their bed with police
Found their way to jails instead reporting on the streets.
But tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray:
Its hardly like they were tarred and feathered. Why should they complain?
Democracy needs an outlet.
We need the chance to convene,
In this historic election, you can purchase a new TV.
Watch it now. Watch it now. Watch it now.
But you better run, cause all the alleyways are trapped,
Its hardly like you will die today but your lungs could collapse.
Cause democracy must be protected at the tune of $50 million dollars against
3,000 protestors.
And 10 million guaranteed to the city police department if there should any lawsuits
Because the police act illegally and violate constitutional rights.
Who wouldn't love the build up, the explosion, the vainglorious thrust of new politics today?