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Prachanda (Nepal) "hobnobs" Bush (USA) in U.N. G.A. Punchup!

Check in with Nepal every now and then, it is in an interesting position sandwiched between India and China. All those big mountains, maoists and yetis... and that Tibet thing too.
Keep your eyes peeled for Nepal.

I am waiting to see the true Nepali fighting spirit unleashed upon the floors of the 63rd UN General Assembly. Newly elected Nepali Prime Minister Prachanda, head of the Maoist party, is expected to exchange words with his excellency Jeorge Bush. Gr. I do not doubt that Prachanda will take this opportunity to high-jack the proceedings in a moment of revolutionary daring-do and starts lopping off heads left, right and centah with his khukuri...

I suggest that before any radical "hobnobbing" commences though, Prachanda might consider paying a pitstop to the potty and applying some quick dry plastic cement superglu to his right hand. He should of course be wary at all times not to get his hands stuck to his piddle, it would create an embarrassing international incident. Take a walk outside to the h'ordeurve section in the Darfur Dining room of the UN New York Head Quarters. Ambush Bush as he goes for the caviar (if he is that sophisticated). Shake hands as he reaches out and stick to the point as you nob and hob. Hammer home that America's existence is dependent on Nepal's survival. Simply put, they are joined in a mutual gesture of good will--like an everlasting handshake. Then, with your free hand box his ears... slap the little bastard around a bit for the imperialist puppet swine that he is. He'd do it to you if you hadn't first. Then, in a menacing voice tell dubya to take the Maoists off the State Department's Terrorist list. Make sure the cameras are rolling.

...Back in reality, there will probably just be some awkward mumbling and shuffling of feet on Nepal's part as it tries to squeek out "don't hurt me!" (if you can personify a state-like entity). Prachanda may very well suffer from a case of stage fright and eat many of his fiery revolutionary words that led the 10 year struggle in Nepal. The country is now in a very precarious and yet unprecedented position and the fork in the road is becoming harder and harder to avoid.

Are you with us or against us?

Will Nepal stick to its guns (metaphorically and literally) and maintain a revolutionary reform of the country or will the leadership get comfortable smokin' Indo' while they're cruizin' in tha benzos? Nepal has all the credentials to join the ranks of the 3rd World Rising. Will it be able to capitalize on its pivitol geo-strategic location and assert itself as an independent entity raising the people out of of poverty, or will its geo-strategic location capitalize on Nepal and tear it to shreds like a pack of dogs fighting over a scrap of meat?

And the Himalayan glaciers that feed the Gangees and all the happy people on its merry banks keep melting...