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What will final Break the Amerikan Empire & cause Revolutions and Partitioning

Back in 2005 I posted these posts warning these things would materialize. What have you done since? Some of you I know have prepared and most did nothing. As one friend said a few months ago "this is just a bump in the economic road" What can I say, but I think her bump is a sink hole at best. I hope now people will finally wake up that we NEED to Localize of Cascadian economy; Democratize our workplaces and provide the basic human rights required in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But I doubt people will heed my warnings still as they look for saviour kings and quick solutions to hope that their consumer life styles return.
on 10.May.2005 23:33 I posted "What will final Break the Amerikan Empire and cause Revolutions and Partitioning". Now that the war has become worse, the oil prices are rising, Katrina has demonstrated the Fascist lack of responsibilty to the people... let us revisit my warning.

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Sisters and Brothers it is time to focus on ourselves, our local economy, our bioregion, our future, our needs and our people.

Time to awake.
Debt, Morgage Penalties, Interest Rates and Bankruptcy.

Six months it takes for Bush's bankruptcy act to come into being and is there a rush to declare bankruptcy? How many bankruptcy lawyers are there? Even now the banks and credit lenders salivate as they send their customers new rules on interests and penalties. Soon the fluxuating oil prices which had been artificially low in this country will cause the cost of living to elevate. Will your pay rise with that? Will the institutions ... the schools, police departments, local governments, social services survive the economic crunch with the budget cuts?

Is that what the corporatists want? Riots, higher crime rate and homelessness so they can declare martial law? So they can replace disloyal police with DynCorp officers?

We need only wait and soon the streets will swell with middle class refugees ... former patriotic lower class and angery military families and even disenfranchised police ... disenfranchised by the corporate greed that has murdered the illusion of democracy and prey on the corpses of families and communities dying economic collapse as the rich laugh at the homeless veterans, child prostitutes and families locked in a spiraling cycle of violence and depression.

But to sit and wait as this imperialist system collapses or for the declaration of martial law by Fascists is just as bad as the corporatists who lick their lips at the suffering that they reap. We need to educate and create networks. We need to create networks to feed, cloth, house, educate and assist those falling to the streets. We should act now so as to build a new foundation for a new way ... a new paradigm ... one of social networks, social responsiblity, true democracy, cooperativism, ecological sustainablity and sustainable responsible economies ... a future where racism, sexism, ageism, abilitism, nationalism, classism, specism and all the other -isms of hate will become merely something we read of in history books and talk of as being in the bad old days. A paradigm where we become human beings again as opposed to human "do-ings". A worlview that sees the trees and other animals as syblings and not as property to be used for profit. Where the artist, the craftperson, the poet, the cook and all those who endeavour to create are revered as priest/esses of creativity and not as slaves to a pay check. We have an oppertunity to become something new ... something different ... a synthesis of the best of the old worlds and with a new vision of what "we" are as a species ... as members of a biodiverse network of communities on a living planet.


America is seriously broken. 22.Sep.2008 13:08

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

Seems like my posts and yours are following each-other around!

Yeti is correct on so many levels. Wouldn't having a thriving local economy be a good thing anyway? Is there a good argument for not doing it? Wouldn't you do better with locally grown agriculture? local manufacturing? even if it's slightly more expensive?

I just think it makes sense. We can insulate Cascadia, from much of the turmoil that is pervasive nationally. We can create our own ecotopian dream, right here, in the best place on earth.

End the use of petroleum for transportation, using streetcars & bicycles.

Build only pedestrian/bicycle/streetcar neighborhoods. Expand streetcar service to as many neighborhoods as fast as possible.

encourage higher density housing, and bringing farms that are close back into production. Support farm co-op operations. Learn skills pursuant to the new economy.

Most of all, practice loving-kindness to the people around you. If we're successful in this endeavor, the powers that be will want to divide us, and have us fight each-other.