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Operation Biteback continues; 6000 mink liberated in Utah .

According to the corporate media around 6000 mink were released from Lodder's Mink Farm sometime early Sunday Morning in Kaysville, Utah.
This is the second such raid in Utah since August, when animal liberationists took credit for the release of over 650 mink and removal of breeding records from a South Jordan Fur Farm.


See Video here:  http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=4320526&autostart=y

The Fur industry has come under renewed attack in recent months with mink being released from farms across the Western United States and Canada. In August Liberationists released 6000 mink from a fur farm in Aldergrove, British Columbia, making this the second raid against this facility since 1995 when the ALF released 5000 mink from their cages. Oregon has seen hundreds of mink released in two separate raids this year, In September the ALF took credit for the release of 215 mink from S&N fur farm in Scio and in April released 53 mink and destroyed records at a fur farm in Jefferson. In late April a communique was also released claiming responsibility for the November 2007 liberation of 200 mink from a fur farm in Deming, Washington. These actions are just a small sample of the recent escalation in militant direct action targeted at the fur, vivisection, and meat industries throughout North America. For more information on the Animal Liberation Movement and up to date direct action reports visit:

North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO)

Biteback Magazine

Till the last cage is open...

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