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AUDIO FILE: Father Bourgeous, Basta, No Mas!

A talk given by Father Roy Bourgeous, founder of School of the Americas Watch,
Father Bourgeous speaks for about 45 minutes, detailing his life from rural Louisiana, through his service in Vietnam, his call to the cloth, his service to the poor and expulsion from Bolivia and his ever expanding work to close down the SOA.

Father starts his talk out referring to the fact that the venue had to be moved because the Roman Catholic Diocese refused to host him due to his support for women becoming priests. He quotes St. Paul, "when you're not welcome in one place, kick the dust off your shoes and go to another one."

His story is inspiring and told in a down to earth though eloquent manner, relating his conversion to the cloth and a life of struggling for peace; his activities in South America, and gradual realization that the School of the Americas must be shut down. Brought before Congress, the vote to shut this facility down was defeated last year by only one vote.

He speaks about the SOA gathering every year in November, which began with a handful of people and grew to 20,000 people in 2007.

The audio, unfortunately has echo, but I believe his words are still easily discernible

Father Bourgeous

homepage: homepage: http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org

Father Bourgeous audio clip 21.Sep.2008 00:36

Ben Waiting

audio is good enough!
im glad to hear this audio clip!

who would Jesus bomb?
where are the churches in the peace movemet?