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Justice Center - protest is going on now for police accountability

group of 50 citizens circle the Justice Center
No police but a one guard positioned on the steps

Around 50 protesters are peacefully walking around the building with signs and chants

Some chalking statements are written out front on the sidewalk of the Justice center

WW was there ...Indy Media folks were there... The Mercury was there.... and maybe a corporate news guy? (no logo)

All is peaceful at the protest - no bully cops - every now and then a car honks as it drives by - lots of people walking by

Short video coming soon

The protest at the justice center is going till 5:30

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WOW! 18.Sep.2008 05:54


Thats incredible! It reminds me of the Chicago 68 DNC! A peaceful protest of brutal murders! Way to go. I hope there will be alot of pictures of this one. WE WILL SHOW THEM! Kill our citizens and then...then.... we will... We will come down and..... well... we will show them! WE WILL WALK AROUND IN A CIRCLE QUIETLY AND MAKE SURE THAT WE DO NOT CAUSE ANY PROBLEMS BECAUSE EVEN IF INNOCENT BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND CHILDREN AND FATHERS AND MOTHERS ARE BEING MURDERED WE WILL NOT STOOP TO THE LEVEL OF CAUSING ANY PROBLEMS! WE WILL NOT EVEN JAY WALK!!!! WE WILL SHOW THEM!

Why did not the people of Iraq simply do this to stop Saddam!

so go do something? 18.Sep.2008 08:11


oh wait, you're busy typing shit on the internet. you're an inspiration.

<video> of the Police Accountability Protest 18.Sep.2008 16:29

Joe Anybody

Here is a short YouTube video from the event
I had to leave before I heard any speeches