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Lauren Regan (CLDC) on Marie Mason's plea agreement

Lauren Regan of Eugene's Civil Liberties Defense Center says in regard's to Marie Mason's plea agreement: "I state with unequivocal confidence and knowledge that Marie has been absolutely stalwart in her commitment to not cooperate with the government, and to do no act that would damage the larger environmental movement in any way."

Marie has not received any favors or special treatment by the US Attorneys prosecuting her in Michigan; in fact, it is despicable that Marie may do more time then any other Green Scare defendant to date as a result of her choice to not snitch. Marie joins Jonathan Paul, Daniel McGowan, Sadie, Exile, Briana Waters, Tre Arrow, Rod Coronado, Eric McDavid and several others I am probably forgetting to mention --these folks are wholeheartedly deserving of our support as activists that have maintained their integrity in the face of political persecution by the federal government. They will do extra days or years in prison as a result of their refusal to give information to the feds used to prosecute others. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Marie's situation. If you are able to contribute financially, I'm sure they would deeply appreciate it, and if not, please show solidarity for Marie as she goes through the process of being yanked away from her children and family for a long time.

Marie Mason, Stephanie Fultz, Aren Burthwick All Plead Guilty in ELF Case

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