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Time Ecology - Four Gifts from the Work Less Party

As kairos time replaces everyday time (according to liberation theology), working less could replace overconsumption and destruction of nature.
These four videos, gifts from the Work Less Party of Vancouver, British Columbia, could reinvigorate dialogue and life where over-consumption often seems to be the meaning of life. Enjoy.

It's the End of the World, Episode 4
Conrad Schmidt: "Slowing down is a solution. Consumerism is a result of our work ethic. Music, art, culture and community are neglected. The Average European will consume half of the energy the North American consumes.

"Alarm Clocks Kill Dreams"
Work less, consume less and live more!


Gerri Tramatola
"It's a world of new media. We don't need to play in their sandbox any more. 200,000 out of the eligible 300,000 in Vancouver don't vote and are the marginalized."


Time Ecology
Tom Walker

"The sun and moon rotations give us the year, the month and the day. We're synchronizing ourselves. Do you want to dance? Karl Bucher, a German economist in the 19th century, wrote a book "Work and Rhythm. It was all one integrated activity. People learned to work through dancing.

"Mechanical and financial processes are based on uniformity. The Financial system doesn't accomodate to our systems. Therefore we have global warming. Nature can't accomodate to the laws of accumulation."


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