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9/11: Black Helicopters and False Flags - Portlanders Score Potter at City Council

9/11/2008: Black Helicopters and False Flags - Portlanders Score Potter at City Council September 10, 2008
9/11/2008: Black Helicopters and False Flags - Portlanders to City Council
9/11/2008: Black Helicopters and False Flags - Portlanders to City Council
Subject: Portlander Scores Potter at Council on Helicopter Scare

Gist: Potter is target of citizen complaint at City Council meeting about secret helicopter drill downtown and on the East side


My name is Andrew Park. I'm here on behalf of some of my fellow Portlanders.

The military helicopters that flew over our city two weeks ago—unexceptable!

Three reasons come to mind for why this exercise was conducted here at this time.

Reason 1: To get us used to seeing the military dominate the civilian population. This is being done so that people don't close ranks in self-defense.

Reason 2: This drill was a test run for the day martial law is declared.

Reason 3: I believe the powers-that-be are fully aware that Portland has a strong, freedom-loving population, and would be in the forefront of resistance to martial law. Therefore, they have sent a message that basically says: "Resist and we'll kill you."

Fascism could happen any day now. The population has been softened up by 9/11 which was orchestrated by rogue elements of our government and military . Habeas corpus has been erased. The 4th Amendment destroyed. We are now set up for the takeover. I'm not saying it's definitely going to happen, but the plan may well be already in place.

The military in our city is illegal (posse comitatus) and should be resisted by all of us.

Thank you for your time.


Subject: Potter, City Council Blasted on Impeachment

Gist: Failure to vote on the Impeachment Resolution earns Mayor Potter and City Council a blast by a Portland resident.


I am Glen Owen, a Portland resident and voter for about 12 years now. I am also owner of the web domain and corresponding site: www.pdx911truth.org. And I am here this morning to scold everyone in this room who has the power to do so for failure to [vote for] the Resolution for Impeachment that was introduced in this chamber on May 10, 2006.

What I am going to talk about is one specific overwhelming reason why you should receive this scolding. And this is the transparent, monumental, and treasonous false-flag operation that transfixed the world on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 and the massive cunning and terrifyingly effective Big Lie that that serves as a cover story for same.

My website... recounts and calendars events and actions designed to maintain visibility of the 9/11 Big Lie before the citizens of Portland Oregon, specifically. For that reason, most of the events in the calendar are those where the average, progressive Portlanders are gathered to make public statements on clearly related issues such as impeachment, election fraud, the shredding of the Constitution, nullification of the rule of law throughout America's exploding empire, the weaponization of weather systems and space, the so-called drug war, the startling advance toward universal surveillance and data-mining, and the arbitrary cruelty and awesome intimidation delivered by America's surging Prison Industrial Police State.

To give you a flavor of my website—which concerns itself exclusively with [impeachment and] 9/11-related activities within the Greater Portland area, I'll touch on some items currently on the front page:

At the top is a link to 9/11, 101: A compact explanation of the most obvious facts about the evidence now publicly available that draws the inexorable conclusion it had to be criminal elements within and atop the Cheney-Bush administration that directly developed and delivered the carnage and horror of the intentional murder of [3,000] American civilians to the world.

Next to it is the register log-in block. The remaining pages include past 9/11 speakers visiting Portland, impeachment activities in Portland, and advertising about both impeachment and 9/11 books and DVDs.