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Palin is backed by right-wing racist, white supremacist groups!!


September 10, 2008 -- Palin's adviser base and political affiliations are Klan and neo-Nazi

WMR has learned from informed sources in Washington, DC who have tracked for a number of years the activities of the Confederacy restoration movement, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and white supremacist organizations that key players in a number of these groups are actively advising and financing the campaign of GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska.

Many observers have pointed out that McCain's campaign and the GOP somehow failed to properly vet Palin's involvement in various scandals as both mayor of Wasilla, Alaska and in year barely two years as Governor of Alaska. However, it is precisely because of Palin's links to extreme right-wing organizations and neo-Confederates that she was chosen as McCain's running mate. The Republicans have so perfected the theft of elections, having engineered presidential election victories in 2000 and 2004 and congressional and statehouse wins in 2002 and 2004, and suppression of Democratic victories in 2006, they are confident that they will the best chance of seeing a Ku Klux Klan- and white supremacist-backed politician get into the White House since William McAdoo, the Klan's candidate, was almost nominated for President on the Democratic ticket in 1924.

The GOP is so confident of their ability to affect election results they have decided to keep Palin away from the media and only produce her during well-scripted and tightly-controlled campaign events.
Palin's and her husband's dalliances with the Alaska Independence Party (AIP), which advocates the secession of Alaska from the United States is the tip of a web of organizations that count among their membership extreme right-wing elements, many of whom also participate in Republican Party candidate selection and the lobbying of Republican members of Congress on behalf of Big Tobacco, Big Mining, Big Agra, and the small arms and defense industry clients.

The AIP is part of a network of extreme right-wing secessionists around the country, many of whom are linked to white supremacist causes. In 2006, the AIP participated in the first North American Secessionist Convention in Burlington, Vermont. Also attracted to the convention were a number of Southern secessionist movements, including the League of the South; the Southern Caucus; the Southern National Congress; and Christian Exodus, which advocates the secession of South Carolina as an independent republic governed by the Ten Commandments as the foundation of law.

The various Southern secessionist groups are part of a wider web of organizations that push the neo-Confederate line, including the Southern Legal Resources Center (SLRC); Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) (which has a camp named after President Abraham Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth); United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC); Order of Confederate Rose; organizations that honor Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the founder of the Ku Klux Klan; and various Southern Parties in states such as North Carolina and Georgia. The Southern Party wants to re-establish the Confederacy of the original 11 states plus Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Maryland. The League of the South publishes a secessionist magazine, "Southern Patriot."

The AIP's web site has links to its like-minded allies, including the Southern Party of Tennessee; the Southern Party of North Carolina; the League of the South,;the Texas Nationalist Movement; SCV; UDC; an anti-Hugo Chavez secessionist movement in Venezuela's oil-rich Zulia State; a Western Canadian secessionist movement; a Waco, Texas museum honoring the Branch Davidian members killed in a 1993 siege involving federal officers; and even a secessionist movement in Palin's running mate's state of Arizona.

The AIP has also established links with a secessionist movement that would have Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden contend with the loss of his state of Delaware and become a citizen of the new state of Delmarva, comprising Delaware, the eastern shore of Maryland, and peninsular Virginia.

The SLRC has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a neo-Confederate organization. The SLRC was founded by Kirk Lyons, who defended Tom Metzger and members of the Aryan Nations. Metzger, an Aryan Nations leader, founded in 1980 the California Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

The leadership of this network of neo-Confederates and Klansmen largely operates out of Washington, DC and Alexandria, Virginia, and are integral to the Republican Party and, according to John Edward Hurley, the president of the non-partisan Confederate Memorial Association and former colleague of long-time White House correspondent Sarah McLendon, consults regularly with Karl Rove, the chief GOP political dirty tricks operative who has become a silent adviser to the John McCain/Palin campaign.

It is Rove's plan to turn the 2008 election into one that features race baiting on the same scale that "Swiftboating" was used against Senator John Kerry in 2004. It was no mistake when Representative Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) used the term "uppity" to describe Barack Obama and Representative Geoff Davis (R-KY) referred to Obama as "boy." Both terms were calculated and will be followed by increased racial vitriol by Republicans across the country as the election nears.

The network of Klan and Southern secessionist organizations are active on the Internet and sell a variety of Southern memorabilia. When Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bomber Timothy McVeigh was arrested after the terrorist attack, he was sporting a T-shirt bought from one of the Southern secessionist websites: a shirt with a drawing Abraham Lincoln and the Latin phrase "sic semper tyrannis" [thus ever to tyrants], the phrase shouted by Booth at Ford's Theater after he shot Lincoln. Booth is a hero to the right-wing network that has warmly accepted the AIP, much admired by the Palins, into their ranks.

Groups like the League of the South share Palin's disdain for public education and "Christian identity." The League has been designated a hate group by the SPLC which has pointed out that the League has reinvented itself as a "respectable" organization even though some of its members refer to African Americans as "negroes" and reject interracial marriage. It therefore comes as no surprise that the Southern secessionists, neo-Confederates, Klan, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists are rallying behind the candidacies of McCain, whose family is descendant from slave owners in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Palin, who has been quoted by an Alaska diner waitress as having used the racist term "Sambo" in reference to Barack Obama and "mukluks" and "Arctic Arabs" for he Inuit and Aleut native Americans in Alaska.

Former Alaska Democratic Senator and presidential candidate Mike Gravel said that Palin's right-wing ties should come as no surprise. Gravel said Wasilla is a well-known center for the Christian fundamentalist and "Christian Identity" movements and has been for quite some time. Palin is a product of that environment, said Gravel.

And its not just African Americans and Native Americans who have to fear a resurgent neo-Confederacy and Klan in the guise of Palin's candidacy. In 1980, running as a Democrat and while leader of the Klan, Metzger won the Democratic nomination for Congress in San Diego, amassing 32,000 votes. The Democratic Party disavowed the candidacy that was only successful due to anti-Hispanic attitudes in the San Diego area's 43rd congressional district. Metzger was also active in the American Independent Party, which shares the "AIP" acronym with Palin's Alaska Independence Party.

For the AIP and its network of fellow travelers in the South and within the top racist echelons of the Republican Party, the McCain/Palin ticket represents a culmination of the worst part of the candidacies of 1964 GOP presidential nominee Barry Goldwater, 1968 independent presidential candidate George Wallace, and 1948 Dixiecrat candidate Strom Thurmond. Goldwater and Wallace later renounced their previous attraction to segregationist causes, Goldwater becoming a voice of moderation in the Senate and Wallace transforming into a Democratic Alabama Governor of "New South" principles.

However, McCain and Palin have taken up the segregationist and racist mantle of the GOP's old "Southern Strategy" and Rove and his far-right operatives are planning on turning the 2008 presidential campaign into one that will use race baiting to divide and conquer the American electorate with the mixing in of Rove's well-worn election fraud and vote and poll engineering to bring about another stolen presidential election. Many of the secessionist racists that are rallying to the McCain/Palin ticket have long embraced the teaching of one William L. Pierce, an American Nazi who in 1978 wrote the neo-Nazi American version of "Mein Kampf," "The Turner Diaries," using the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald. The aficionados of "The Turner Diaries" read such descriptions of mixed race people as "octoroon's," "quadroons," and mongrels. The book was a favorite of Murrah bomber McVeigh. There is little wonder why the mere idea of a mixed race President of the United States has these racists coming from under their rocks and out of their swamps to sing the praises of a white power heroine like Sarah Palin.