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Diamonds In The Sky

This is about an "asteroid" that was targeted for fly-by by the euro space agency -- it is a done deal now -- this "asteroid" is an artificial construct, like so much else in this solar system...remember, all real long term space ships were planetoids, that is the only way to overcome the dust/meteorite problem and to store water and to have realisitc farming and such....all underground...many in world leadership know about all this...especially the vatican...its why and how they have built a secret air force, now america has foot the bill for all that, its time to put us under the thumb of the masters once again -- thats why all the stupidity in religion, its mind control, get you used to lords and kings again, you slave you....shed all that, or die. Please read the info below carefully, and check out the pix, they are pretty good (One attached). They have invented a lot of things they will not talk about because its all to create another slave society, electro-controlled.....b

euro probe completes asteroid fly by Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:32 am

posted at keithlaney.net

i like the way its shaped
can anybody get more and better pix of this thing? i have not checked enterprise mission yet, thats next, will advise if there is anything there

its right up on richard hoaglands front page
he says the narrow angle cam failed!
i am sure that they picked that asteroid for a reason
all real spaceships are planetoids, use ice and dirt to overcome the omnipresent dust and micro-m problems
this whole solar system is like some galactic junkyard
keith you get any of the pix from your friends?

They call the ingress a crater, duh, and notice the line of smaller "Craters" running down the side. There also seems to be two giant walls running along either side of that line of "Craters". Keep in mind all conditioning of a mass such as this began as mining.

Asteroid Steins seen from a distance of 800 km, taken by the OSIRIS imaging system from two different perspectives. The effective diameter of the asteroid is 5 km, approximately as predicted. At the top of the asteroid (as shown in this image), a large crater, approximately 1.5-km in size, can be seen. Scientists were amazed (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) that the asteroid survived the impact that was responsible for the crater.

Caption: Asteroid Steins: A diamond in space
Credits: ESA 2008 MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA