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Rep. Jim McDermott calls for impeachment

Rep.Jim McDermott (Seattle, WA)--signs calls for impeachment investigation today on the House floor. "Without accountability, our democracy will fail," he states.
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McDermott pushes impeachment
Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., delivered these remarks on the House floor Tuesday:

Mr. Speaker:
For the last two years I have struggled with the issue of whether the House should consider impeachment of a sitting President.

Next to declaring war, impeachment is the gravest matter the House of Representatives must consider.
I fully understand the gut-wrenching consequences such a national debate could precipitate. Yet, there is one fact we cannot overlook or escape.

American cannot regain its moral leadership in the world if America cannot hold its leaders accountable for their actions at home.

The allegations that would warrant impeachment keep growing.
They have been illuminated in many recent books including The Way of the World by Ron Suskind, the book by Vincent Bugliosi, and the new book by Bob Woodward, The War Within.

Over five years ago, I tried to place an asterisk in the Congressional Record next to the statements about Iraq the President made to Congress. I was attacked for saying the President would mislead us into the war, but the American people ultimately learned the truth.

There seems to be no end to the allegations and we have a responsibility to investigate their authenticity. That's why I am signing onto a resolution to consider impeachment of the President.

Without accountability, a Democracy will fail.
Thank you.

Posted by P-I Politics Team at September 9, 2008 11:06 a.m.
Category: Seattle politics

whoop de do 10.Sep.2008 01:23

everybody clap

Gee, only about three and a half years late Jim. You gonna remove him from office on January 19th?

It is meaningful 10.Sep.2008 10:34

better late than never

Impeaching the president (even at this late date) has significant meaning.
It permanently stains the Bush administration and as McDermott said, it lets the world know that we hold our elected officials accountable (even if it takes us awhile)

I would of preferred to have him impeached long ago (and for that matter, jailed) along with Rummy, Wolfowitz, Rice, and of course, the Rat Cheney! But it is important that the record shows that what this administration did was criminal.

treason 10.Sep.2008 12:45


otherwise, snore.....

Two Years, Too Late.... 10.Sep.2008 23:08


It's just another vote-getting scam for the Demopublicans... It's not serious. If they were serious about doing anything, they would have had Conyers' impeachment resolution up for a vote when they got their majority in Congress two years ago. Not only have the Democrats not done that, they've also voted the funds to keep the war going, and voted for further expansion of the National Security State. This is just more cynical pandering.