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bush evacuated from beijing games

A visibly inebriated George W. Bush, attending the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China had to be evacuated by body guards from the stands...Photos from AP, Getty Images
"Not like that Dubya!"
"Daddy's drunk agin"
"Go Yanks!"
Helping hands
Helping hands
Yer outta here!
Yer outta here!
In these photos from the Associated Press and Getty Images, a publicly off-the-wagon George W. Bush had to be evacuated by body guards from the stands as he attended the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.


sad 10.Sep.2008 07:12


Thjis sick sad escapade, one of a never ending series, is a result of the American people not being interested enough to see the shallow and warped creature *they forced down our collective throats, coated with a similar huge media sugar coating that covered the normal reaction to throw up. So we swallowed it whole.
Yes, we ate the whole thing.

They are the criminal Banking Houses or Trusts or Cartels, and the degenerate inbred families that own them.

bush fell at Olympics, look at badly scarred, blood-red arm 10.Sep.2008 08:24

trip, stumble, and fall

In the picture captioned "Daddy's drunk agin", Bush has seriously injured his forearm earlier in the day? What is that LONG red streak or abrasion on his arm? Did he fall down "again"? Did he graze himself against a wall, or what? I doubt they would have let Mr. Genius in public with that scratch, so it probably happened at the stadium hours before.

He's fainted or was stone drunk before (the so called "pretzel" incident that was a lie),
he rode a bicycle and crashed into a police officer at the G8 meeting in Scotland,
he somehow fell off a gyroscopically-balanced Segway scooter, etc.--

so he fell down at the Olympics? The ultimate symbolism.

No wonder they are all gingerly carrying him like he is a, well, an inebriate old man who has proven time and time again that he can't walk or do basic things without protecting him from himself.

What they failed to mention ... 10.Sep.2008 13:18

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com

If you look at the images?

These photos were taken over the span of 4 different events, if not 4 separate days?

Notice the clothing being worn.

Light Blue Shirt, Short Sleeves.

Light Blue Shirt, Long Sleeves, Rolled Up.

Blue Shirt, Long Sleeves.

White Shirt, Long Sleeves.

Same Shit, Different Day.