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Forest Advocates Demonstrate Home Protection from Wildfire

Protecting home from wildfire instead of logging forests
Native Forest Council, Eco-Advocates and other volunteers will help protect a Pleasant Hill home from wildfire on Sunday, September 21 at 36483 Starr Rd. between 2pm and 8pm (carpools leaving from Eugene's Grower's Market on 4th/Willamette at 1pm).

Volunteers will work with homeowner Randy Nowell by taking firesafe precautions 100 feet around his home - such as mowing high grasses, creating fuel breaks, moving wood piles away from the home and pruning low hanging dead tree branches - to create defensible space according to information from Firewise.org, as an alternative to logging forests.

Please call 541-688-2600 or email  josh@forestcouncil.org to sign up!

Wildfire is a natural element in our forests and is essential to the healthy functioning of forest ecosystems. However, homes built along the forest edge can be vulnerable to flames if proper precautions aren't taken to make homes firesafe.

According to a report by US Forest Service research scientist Jack Cohen, "My research results indicate that the big flames of high intensity wildland fires do not directly ignite homes at separation distances beyond 100 feet."

Ecologist George Wuerthner has stated that with firesafe home precautions homes can withstand 95% of stand replacement fires (where all trees burn in an area).

Josh Schlossberg of Native Forest Council says: "While the timber industry, Forest Service, BLM and many politicians exploit the fear of fire to encourage more backcountry native forest logging - which can actually intensify the effects of fire - the best way to protect homes and lives from the inevitable presence of wildfire is to make a home firesafe."

A short video will be made of the project along with pictures taken before, during and after to demonstrate the process of making a home firesafe. The video and images will then be distributed across the western United States to educate homeowners as to the importance of making homes firesafe, while instructing them how to do it.

Josh Schlossberg says: "With climate change, it's apparent that more and more wildfires will be burning in the forest. While we have to think twice about building in the fire plain, those homes already existing need to be protected. However, the last thing the forests need is more logging."

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