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PDX Un-Dam the Klamath Film Night - Tuesday September 9th

7:00 pm at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd.
for more information contact malena [at] klamathriver.org or check

For more information on the September 18th PacifiCorp Day of Action,
please check www.pacificorpdayofaction.org
KBOO Radio, the Klamath Justice Coalition, the Karuk Tribe, and
Klamath Riverkeeper are co-sponsoring an informational film night
about the the movement to Un-Dam the Klamath River. Documentary films
and footage presented by Karuk activist Chook-Chook Hillman and
others will inspire and inform the audience about the Klamath and its
salmon, as well as Tribes, fishermen, and the extraordinary
grassroots actions these groups have taken to un-dam the river.
Opportunities for organizing for the Klamath Justice Coalition's
September 18th PacifiCorp Day of Action Demanding Dam Removal will be
available. Admission is by donation.