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De-toxing the RNC

Returning to "real life" after the intensity of St. Paul is challenging. So many people there used the word "surreal" to describe the conflicting mix of violence/kindness- brutality/courage- despair/committment. It will matter so much to learn from this, process the experience and not allow our grief and rage to leave lasting scars and diminish our intent to survive and prevail. It will not be easy.
The images are burned on the inside of our eyes. Life without concussion grenedes, armed police and military is strange. Going back to work or school, weeding the garden, doing the laundry... wondering, "what's the point?"

Blocking it out, forgetting - is so appealing. I don't want to see how insanely cruel one person can treat another, or think of the implications this has for how our world is becoming.

As it all continues to unravel, we will turn on each other, become part of the evil?

In the middle of chaos, people still kept track of one another; returned after jail, beatings, multiple tear gassing, exreme sleep deprivation, radio jamming and phone blocking - Still held it together despite an unprecedented show of force and police mob mentality.

Is there a mantra that will sustain and inspire? Is Community genuinely possible? What stuff are we really made of...

Thanks for the thoughts 09.Sep.2008 18:27


Thank you, Granny M, apparently you were there. The police brutality sounds horrible, and my soul cries for the protesters. However, I am still awaiting an essay of facts on exactly what happened.

I went to the DNC streets in Denver. The police presence was huge, but sounds like it was nothing compared to the police violence in MN. Denver is a large city and Motel 6 where I stayed required riding the bus (after a peace friend left). I registered with Code Pink, and while I was grateful for the bag of supplies, I found their headquarters too complicated to get to alone. I did sit in a high def portrait, "Make Out, Not War." The tabling for peace groups was at Tent University, way far out, but did manage to get there.

The air was hot and it felt like a sauna inside my t-shirt. I managed to take light rail out to Nader's Open the Debates event at the U. of Denver. It, too, was rather far away. I did see some pushy cops on horses while we marched to the federal building.

I remain ever sceptical to be a peace protester at a RNC. I know fear and intimidation are reasons for violence. The regular news carried nothing about the streets in MN. We have been bought by the corporations.

No Kidding 11.Sep.2008 18:52


While I do feel that single parents shouldn't be demonized and their children treated as outcasts, I think it was sad that mor attention was paid to Palin's daughter having a baby out of wedlock than over the journalists being arrested durring the demonstrations.

If it weren't for indipendent media, like this one, nobody would have known what was really going on.

I agree with Obama. Leave Palin's daughter alone, it's a privite matter. Let's focus on what's really important.