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The Rude Activist

Time for being nice is gone!
earl this is the law, not what pelosi says
earl this is the law, not what pelosi says
Last weekend started with a meeting Thursday to start the planning for the presentation of the Trial of George W. Bush, it ended by getting into a confrontation with Willy Smith and Mac Prichard about our protest outside of Prichard's house. I have not seen Willy so upset, he was almost foaming at the mouth, telling me I had crossed the line by protesting at a private home. Willy told me in very clear language that if we blocked people coming in he would have us arrested. Prichard was angry about me upsetting his wife and ruining their fundraiser for the Earlman. I was kind of taken aback by their reaction, there were only three of us and we were not going to disrupt the party, just silently witness the continuation of the "Cocktail Liberals" telling themselves what peacemakers they are and how they want the war to end. Blumenauer after all, voted against the war! (He continues funding the occupation.)

We stayed a little past 1830 and called it a day. Most of the people attending the party said hello, and looked a little confused to see protesters outside of a democratic leader's home. Mr. Prichard is a delegate and was at the DNC last week, you just know he was trying to stop the arrest of protesters outside and made many speeches condemning the actions the following week of the police in St. Paul. NO?----sorry must have been someone else.

We will return to the earlman's den this Thursday and every Thursday until bush is out of office or our congressman calls for the impeachment, indictment and incarceration of all the criminals in the White House. Everywhere the earlman goes to raise money we will be there, he will see our red shirts with "Impeach" on them. If this makes people uncomfortable---too fucking bad! Activists are rude to politicians!

Last Thursday we read Chapter 1 of the play, this coming Thursday we should do Chapter 2, all who read seemed to have a good time. There were some fun things I did, got to see Sharon at her booth in the Belmont St. Fair, got to hang with Chapter 72 VFP and listen to some great music. Even bought a book from Crystal over at the anniversary for KBOO. So it was busy but fun. See you all on Thursday.

High noon at 729 Oregon St.

For Justice and Peace
Joe Walsh-lone vet, (the rude activist)