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Fight LGNs of the Basis of Inadequate Safety Precautions

Safety Issues are being totally ignored as power companies and Bush's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) push through crazy proposals for huge new (LNG) Terminals & Pipelines in Oregon,
Example of a pipeline explosion, Bellingham WA, 1999
Example of a pipeline explosion, Bellingham WA, 1999
The safety of the populace is dependent on the FERC's proper
assessment of the hazards and risks associated with Liquid Natural Gas (LGN)facilities. Therefore, you might think that the FERC would be a good source of information about the
properties of LNG and whether citizens should be concerned when an energy
developer targets their community to host an LNG terminal.

Unfortunately, you'd be wrong. The FERC has maintained a consistent, vocal, and
naive opinion on the safety of LNG. In spite of numerous scientific studies and
real-world disasters, the FERC maintains that LNG terminals belong anywhere
project proponents want them (source: Pipeline Saftey Trust:  http://www.pipelinesafetytrust.net/index.htm)

Over the last several years, facing a deluge of applications for new and expanded
terminals, the FERC has failed to advise ANY proponent that their proposed location
puts too many people at risk. Even though the FERC has already approved more
LNG import terminals than are needed to meet demand, the FERC continues to
review 16 additional terminal applications and does nothing to discourage the 20 or
so more proposed projects around the United States.

Oregon is home to at least three LGN pipeline proposals. The vast majority
of the imported fossil fuel is destined for California. while demand is high there,
they have successfully fought several land based LGN terminal sitings & pipelines.

For a comprehensive 5 pages of expert testimony about safety risks see:

Although safety advancements have been made in the last several years
(since the above testimony was presented) it is not nearly enough!
Companies are not even required to do pipeline integrity checks in
areas that have low population density!

Raise your concerns now!

It is important that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
receives your comments before Dec. 4th 2008 for the Environmental Impact Statement for the Jordan Cove Energy Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline Project (CP07-441-000 and CP07-444-000).

You can file comments online at  http://www.ferc.gov under the tab titled: Documents & Filings.

While it is important to file your comments via the
FERC EIS Comment period, it is perhaps more important to alert
local officials and media so PLEASE do that as well!

There is a list of contact info. for numerous public representatives at:

Here is a detailed article about LGN safety issues titled
Public Safety and FERC's LNG Spin - What Citizens Aren't Being Told:
 link to pstrust.org

phone: phone: 503-929-6755
address: address: Portland, OR