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The Thinking Church: An Introduction to Process Theology

The Institute for Progressive Spirituality presents "The Thinking Church: An Introduction to Process Theology" featuring Dr. Ignacio Castuera of the Center for Process Studies in Claremont, CA, on Thursday, September 18 and Friday, September 19 at four teaching centers around the Greater Portland/Vancouver area.
Identical classes will be taught at:

***Vancouver Heights United Methodist Church, 5701 SE MacArthur Blvd, Vancouver: Thursday at 7:00 PM.

***Southminister Presbyterian Church, 12250 SW Denny Rd, Beaverton, OR 97008: Friday at 10:00 AM.

***St Stephen's Episcopal Church, 1432 SW 13th Ave, Portland: Friday at 2:00 PM

***Atkinson Memorial Church (Unitarian Universalist) at 710 6th Street, Oregon City, OR: Friday at 7:00 PM.

Follow up classes will be held on February 5-6 and April 23-24 at the same sites.

Registration for this class is $35.00. Registration for all three classes is $75.00. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

The text used for this class will be "Becoming a Thinking Christian" by John Cobb, available on Amazon from $4.00 and up.

Register online by going to  http://www.micahsvillage.org. In the upper left hand corner is the Institute for Progressive Spirituality link. Go to the link and you will find the registration form at the bottom of the IPS page. Or you may pay at the door.

The Institute for Progressive Spirituality has been formed as a 501c3 organization by progressive thinking Christians and spiritual allies in the Greater Portland area who have the conviction that justice and peace are grown and nourished in the fertile soil of spirituality. We offer opportunities for growth through lectures, time-limited classes, small groups, experiential events, and spiritual companionship. Rev. Dr. Chuck Cooper, a United Methodist clergy, is the Executive Director.

Please email chuck@micahsvillage or call 503 348-7214 for more information.

homepage: homepage: http://www.micahsvillage.org