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PPRC friday NO WAR protest 8.30.08 <video>

The weekly 5 pm Friday ANTI WAR protest has been on-going-regularly for years
This was filmed on the last Friday on the last week of August in Portland Living Room
*recommended reading*
*recommended reading*
A short YouTube video of speeches held at Pioneer Square at the regular Friday 5pm meeting/protest

This peace group meets every week at 5pm on the SW corner of the square

This 10 min video was filmed on 8.30.08 in downtown Portland Oregon
There was no marching or drumming following the announcements and speeches (as there sometimes is)
The group latter after the announcements, stayed on the corner, and gathered signatures for "NOT using the Oregon National Guard" for re-deployment in Iraq" petition.

This weekly event welcomes all newcomers and is open to all citizens who want Peace on Earth. It provides an outlet to express publicly in the living room of Portland, (our city) our disagreement with the wars in the middle east and the use of violence by our government on people of other countries. Its public free speech - it is public vocal opposition to war and torture.

The protest is organized by PPRC and has been going on weekly for "years"
Their website is here:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com