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FREE VIDEO SHOWING Tomorrow SEPT9TH 7pm red and black ATTICA! 37TH anniversary

Please join us at the Red and Black Café (400 SE 12th Ave) on Tuesday,
September 9, 2008 at 7pm to hear an account of the riots in a video of
Splitting the Sky with a lesson on the riots from local activist and historian
Dominic. After the speech and video, there will be a Q&A session.
Portland Anti-Imperialists are proud to honor those who fought against the
system 37 years ago at the Attica prison rebellion with a video presentation
featuring Attica survivor Splitting the Sky.

On September 9, 1971, the prisoners in the Attica Prison in New York fought
back, prompted by the inhumane treatment they were receiving, the racial
inequalities of both the inmates and the guards and the recent assassination of
radical George Jackson. The riots lasted for four days, receiving mass media
coverage as well as public support. State troopers went in during negotiations on September 13 under orders of
Governor Rockefeller, and the LIE that hostages were being killed at knife point, Troopers shot over 150 inmates and hostages killing 41 including 9 hostages of which NONE had any knife wounds of any kind ALL OF THE HOSTAGES WERE KILLED BY THE STATE TROOPERS ILLEGAL EXPLODING DUM DUM BULLETS!

This event is free but donations will gladly be accepted. Also, a safer space
policy is in effect so be respectful of others please.

Also, Portland Anti-Imperialists will be presenting a selection of video shorts
about the recent RNC protests in Minnesota at Laughing Horse Bookstore (12 NE
10th) at 7pm on Saturday, September 13th. There will be speeches as well by
some Portland activists who were at the RNC. More info about that to come