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MSM Coast To Coast Am Denies RNC Media Arrests

Ian Punnett, twin cities based host of late night's radio program Coast To Coast Am (Clear Channel), denied any media arrests at RNC (Sat, Sept 6, 2008).
Ian said (paraphrasing but you can listen to the archived program):

Trust me. I was there. No one was arrested except for Amy Goodman (DemocracyNow.org).

Ian also derided outsided agitators coming to his beautiful, clean peaceful city to simply cause trouble.

Coast to Coast AM is the largest night time radio program in the country with hundreds of affiliates and millions of listeners worldwide. Why lie to all these people?

Set Ian straight. Ask for a retraction and an apology.

Email Ian. Email Coast to Coast AM producers. Call during tonight broadcast, 10PM - 2AM Pacific Time.