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KBOO cutting staff

This is a repost from channel 6 news. This has not been repoted anywhere else
The news was about the kboo party but says half dozen were just laid off. Guess this is a way of saying they need your money
 link to www.koin.com&navCatId=156

Looks like KBOO Birthday Bash already "fell off the edge" on KOIN web site 08.Sep.2008 13:44


Did anybody download or transcode a copy?

If so could you post it or a link here?

Link got trashed 08.Sep.2008 20:14


Try a couple different formats.
" link to www.koin.com&navCatId=156"
 link to www.koin.com&navCatId=156


Then look for "Local Radio Station Makes Changes"

It is there. It really is...

koin 6 lies 08.Sep.2008 21:44

kboo person

hey, so KOIN showed up at KBOO's street party, in which we were celebrating our 40th aniversary, and filmed a bunch of stuff.
then they managed to make a news story that was totally fabricated!
shows what happens when you let the corporate media tell a story about you.

kboo doesn't have 500 staff, as KOIN said, we have 500 volunteers.
there are 14 staff, and no one is getting cut.
they managed to twist "programming changes" (a positive thing) into "massive layoffs!" (a shock headliner, negative, that's not true).

fuck the corporate media

hoo hoo! 09.Sep.2008 06:40

theresa mitchell

I was at that party and when I saw the KOIN guy, I thought "heeeeere it comes....."

--but this is GREAT! Five hundred staff! We're gonna give Tri-Met a run for their money any time now. I never met the other 486 staffers, but the 14 (some part-time) staff are all still there. I say we fire the 486 and add their salaries to the 14, they can buy houses and Ferraris. Wow.

We weren't serving booze, so I really don't know who spiked the reporter's air supply.

This just in: KBOO is a front for Bigfoot infiltration. It was set up by the Chinese government. Technological changes will be resisted! Steam power is the power of the peepul!! Woooooooooooooooooooo!!

KOIN's Report is Wildly Inaccurate 09.Sep.2008 09:05

Ani -- KBOO staffer volunteer@kboo.org

As said elsewhere, KBOO Community Radio does not employ 500 people. We employ (read this pay) for 10 FT Es, which means 7 full timers, and 7 varying degrees of part time, 5 - 20 hours a week. We have 500 volunteers. We are not firing any paid staff.

KBOO has been seriously assessing community needs, and making our first major changes to our program schedule in ten years. The schedule changes began last month, and will continue for the next several months. This does mean that some programs which have been on for many years, will be cut from the new schedule, or given a new time. Every time we make changes to the schedule, there are rumors of the sky falling, and the like-- but honestly, should we be airing the same programs that we started with in 1968 (mostly classical, some jazz, no news?)? Of course not. We have to make changes to the schedule to keep in touch with, and responsive to, community needs. We are making those changes with meeting community needs, and creating compelling radio, as our guiding principles.

Here's the link to the story on KOIN
 link to www.koin.com

Now, all that said, we do need your membership, and your participation. We are facing a deficit budget for the first time in many years, and our membership and listenership has dropped. At forty, KBOO is the oldest independent, listener-funded, community radio station in the country, and we have a national reputation for breaking ground in many areas. The only way we can continue to do it is with more active local support. Please check out our website kboo.fm, and see what we are doing; you can support independent media by joining online. We are holding our Fall Membership Drive September 25th - October 11th, we could use your help to prep, or to answer phones during the drive.

Interested in volunteering at the station in general? Please come to the next volunteer orientation, Monday, September 15th, 6 -8 pm (please arrive on time, seating is limited to 30). Please feel free to contact me with any questions about volunteering, or anything else related to KBOO. If I can't answer your questions, I can find someone who can.

Remember--- Fact check! Don't trust corporate media, KOIN's report on KBOO is further proof.

503-231-8032 ext 213

It just goes to show that you can't trust that liberal media... 09.Sep.2008 12:51

Pravda or Consequences

They're just liars.

KOIN: the epitome of what's wrong with corporate media 11.Sep.2008 00:41

Laughing Horse laughing.horse.coop@gmail.com

thank you, KOIN, for your shoddy, vulture-like 'journalism'. Now we can get some widespread attention to the facts:

a) KBOO has 500 volunteers, but not much money. Those of you who don't volunteer: become members and supporters.
b) KBOO does real news and makes a real difference in our community. Those of you who watch KOIN or listen to Clear Channel's KEX-KPOJ twin radio, make the switch today. You'll be glad you did!
c) KOIN is pathetic. Let's stop funding corporate mainstream media and take our airwaves back! They belong to the people. Or maybe a Oaxacan media takeover? Hmm?
d) KBOO's Birthday Bash was the best party in the city! KOIN wouldn't know how to report the revolution if it bit them in the butt.