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Violation of Parental Rights

This is a epidemic going on in the Family Courts- We need to take a Stand to make a change !

take time to read this letter- the injustice is out of control


- help stand up for children and families


- don't disregard this letter- we need to be heard
I am pleading with you as an elected officials to represent and take a stand to make a change in the lives of families and children who have been heartbroken from the injustice in the courts.

" Broken hearts from this Broken System "

My oldest child went to a family members in the state of Ohio, the family member refused to send my child home- I began working with officials in the state of Washington to regain physical custody through obtaining a Habeus Corpus. In the process I received a call that my child had been arrested for shoplifting and Carrying a Concealed Weapon ( CCW ) the weapon belonged to the family member who had interfered with my custodial rights.

In the process of the delinquency case-

I received threats- false allegations - family member tampered with evidence of an additional crime -family members hindered prosecution -Officials lied on court documents- I wrote a complaint letter and Court Officials complicited to these illegal actions and retaliated- separate us to silence us-

Officials conspired to Deprive me of my Constitutional Rights

* Conspiracy Against Rights
Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241

*Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law
~Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242

*Fraud and False Statements
~Title 18, U.S.C., Section 1001

I have NOT had my rights terminated, however, the state of Ohio refuse to send my child home.

- Ohio will NOT give the Courtesy of an interstate compact.

- My child is to remain in Ohio for the Probation of 1yr...

- my son will be violated on his Probation and sent to jail if he contacts his family.

- I cannot see my child- hear my child- talk to my child.

- Children Services in the state of Washington spoke to Ohio and confirmed I have NOT had a case, do NOT have a case NOR is there any concerns.

- Full Faith was NOT given in this situation .

-Ohio has interfered and deprived our family the rights to be free of government intrusion and Parental Rights that has been established for over 100 years in case law.

- Ohio will be obtaining federal money illegally through ASFA and CAPTA for my child. These funds belong to Washington

- I am a citizen in this state, I am his Mother and I have NOT had my rights terminated.

I will NOT be silenced- I will be a voice for my family, for my children. I will teach my children to have a voice and stand up for their rights. I will be a voice for families who need to be heard.

The Constitution was established to protect the citizens of the United States .

It is a disgrace to our country when a young child says - mommy that Judge is bad , he needs to go to jail- he lied

It is a disgrace to our country to have elected officials take oaths to serve - protect and uphold the Constitution when they are the very ones who lie -deceive and disregard the truth.

My children and I - citizens in the State of Washington, Plead with Representatives to help bring justice to our family and others.

Mother for Safety, Justice and Truth

homepage: homepage: http://www.myspace.com/seizedbythesystem
phone: phone: 360-721-6018

hmmm 08.Sep.2008 02:30


How old is this "child" exactly? and who does he want to live with?

It's a long shot... 08.Sep.2008 09:09


contact the Oprah Winfrey Show- she is very passionate about child abduction and working with the govt. to find them- this may interest her that it was the STATE that kidnapped your child.

This happens in Oregon too 11.Sep.2008 14:34


This is happening everywhere. The State takes kids from homes where there is little money, poverty, etc., and places them for adoption. I think that Oregon gets something like $6,000 for each child they adopt out. There have been great shows about this on KBOO's Bread and Roses, Friday nights 6 p.m.

We have become a 'Criminal of Poverty' nation.
If you're poor and struggling they may take your children from you.