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Berkeley's Memorial ak Grove destroyed this weekend

The Oak Grove has been killed.
Dear friends of the Grove,

A sad day has come - UC has demolished the Memorial Oak Grove.

 link to berkeleydailyplanet.com

Berkeley Grandmothers for the Oaks invites you to a memorial ceremony and interfaith prayer gathering tomorrow (Sunday September 7th) at 2pm at the Oak Grove. Local Native American leaders have announced their intention to place tobacco and offer prayers at the remains of the "Grandmother Oak," the oldest tree in the grove, who was older than the University.

Four tree-sitters remain perched in their lofty platform in the redwood tree. We have heard that UC gave notice that they will discontinue sending food and water to the treesitters on Monday morning.

Finally, here is a message we received from Julia Butterfly Hill that we thought you might want to hear...

"i heard about what is happening at the grove. i want you to know that i am holding you and everyone and of course the trees in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. You all have been extraordinary in your stand. And the trees know this and say thank you. As do i. love, julia"

Please call the ground support phone # for any questions about tomorrow's gathering, 510-938-2109.


Save the Oaks Campaign