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Last spring, after six sea lions were found murdered in two traps on the Columbia, and after the subsequent effort by the government to cover up those murders, we posted a sea lion tip line so that people could report what they know. THANK you to the many people who responded. It has been a very interesting experience to read what you know. We have been conducting a *very* independent investigation into the facts of the case, and it is clear that the sea lions did not die of "heat stroke" as the government contended.
We are now asking, again, that anyone who knows anything about the deaths of those six sea lions, or about any other abuse, harassment, and/or killing of sea lions on the Columbia river, to tell us what you know. Your information will be treated confidentially. It is important that anyone who knows about those killings to contact us now. (Keep in mind that a very hefty reward has been offered for information leading to the capture of whomever killed those sea lions.)

The California and Steller sea lions that are native to the Columbia river eco-region will be making their way back up into the river soon. It will be a difficult journey for them this year, since the government and over-zealous fishermen intend to be gunning for them. If you become aware of anyone harming any sea lions, please contact this tip line immediately. And, again, if you have anything at all to add to the investigation regarding the six sea lions who were murdered in the traps, please contact us.

Thank you.