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Prominent PDX Activist Arrested For Bogus Charge At Anti-Foie Gras Demonstration!

Mike D, a prominent Portland activist (AR, Human Rights, Earth, Labor) was arrested at the Anti-Foie Gras demonstration Saturday night. Police say that he was arrested for using a tiny 99-cent plastic toy cone while chanting.
This is a total Bogus charge - and an example of the PPB serving the desires of business over the rights of human beings!

The PPB and Blue Hour are working hand in hand to oppress the small number of dedicated AR activists that demonstrate every weekend to end Foie Gras cruelty in Portland.

There will be a full report soon.

SHAME on the PPB and Blue Hour for your oppression!!!!

Blue Hour
250 NW 13th Ave

You've gotta be kidding! 07.Sep.2008 12:18


Your tax dollars at work - thank you Rosie and Tom!
Hopefully this will inspire a very large turnout next Saturday. Don't forget to bring your mini megaphones-kazoos and bubbles!

huh? 07.Sep.2008 12:48

wondering why

what do you mean about "using a 99-cent plastic toy cone?


Full Article 08.Sep.2008 15:14


Solidarity! 10.Sep.2008 11:28


Hey Mike!
We love ya! Solidarity forever!