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VERY Disturbing Reports From Prisons In MN(Severe Torture being used)

Severe torture being used for the hell of it. Not even to get information, just to see people suffer. It's very reminiscent of the torture used on International Workers of the World unionists and Anarchists in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
Reports I've heard so far(there is sure to be more as people are released):
*Male beaten over the head with baton and then tazed for at least 15 min for participating in singing "Solidarity Forever" with other cell mates after being singled out and told to shut up. Cell mates had to suffer the screaming, knowing they couldn't do anything to stop it.

*At least one report of a person being anally raped with a baton.

*Many reports of people clubbed and repeatedly peppersprayed in their cells.

*At least a couple reports of people being kicked repeatedly in the face.

*Excessive use of pain compliance maneuvers and pressure points on just about everyone.

*Water denied to most for at least 24 hrs.

*Male beaten by 12 cops in his cell and repeatedly peppersprayed.

*Male asked for food was then knocked out to the floor by a cop and then his head slammed into the ground, given a severe concussion. He was called a "fag" repeatedly and had a plastic bag put over his head with a gag. They used psychological torture and pain pressure techniques on his neck, including separating his jaw on both sides. They took his feet and bent them backwards at the ankle. He vomited and was left in the bag with his vomit for hours.
 link to bravenewfilms.org

*Male denied toilet paper for at least 24 hours, asked politely for toilet paper, was drug out of cell and beaten severely in front of other cells as an example.

*Many, many reports of full body 1st & 2nd degree burns from pepperspray being denied decontamination/medical treatment.

*Male hand split apart by either tear gas canister or concussion grenade explosion denied medical for at least 36 hours.

*Male beaten until he couldn't breath for screaming because his arm had been pulled out of his shoulder socket in pain compliance hold.

Another Report 05.Sep.2008 18:26


*Female Portland IMC journalist arm fractured in pain compliance hold

also. 09.Sep.2008 15:12

rnc arrestee support person.

-There were also numerous accounts of people being denied medication that was vital to people having healthy functioning bodies/minds.
-It was been reported that a female bodied person was denied iron supplements (they were very anemic), and because of this they went unconscious for periods of time with out receiving medical attention.
-There was a female bodied person who was in jail for 4 days, and had an extremely painful yeast infection, that never received proper medical attention.
-A female bodied person was menstruating while in jail, and had to sit in their blood for hours and hours before being given a shower and a menstrual pad.
-There was a person who is a hemophiliac that was denied proper medical attention, after they had been hit in the head before being arrested. they had an open wound, and bruising. the nurses at the jail give them gauze and an ice pack, and that was it. this person could have died from bleeding to death.(!)

Correction 15.Sep.2008 09:47


The report, "At least one report of a person being anally raped with a baton." Should actually read, "Multiple reports of simulated anal rape with a baton, including very forceful jabbing against the anal opening with the ends of batons." Also it appears this was practiced in the streets. A photograph of this behavior may be publicly released soon.

I've seen it! 23.Sep.2008 22:31


Yeah, I had it happen to me. Pigs beating me in a cell, me and my buddies. Maced for singing ' Bandera Roja'. Cowards all. Gestapo. Let no one believe these are normal people. Everyone should support our heroes at the conventions. They are facing what they never thought would happen.Hasten their return to their homes and to their work. Down with this sick 'world order!'