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RNC Breaking News Archive #2

Breaking News from the last three days
7:03PM: PDX IMC: Richard, well known activist in Portland, has been released from jail. Was treated rough for days
6:39PM: PDX IMC: Prisoners being released in remote locations to keep them from receiving outtake support.
6:20PM: TC IMC: Explosion reports turned out to be a kid playing with a firecracker. However, the ATF and the Secret Service are still on the scene.
6:17PM: Tin Can Announce: Thursday's Spokes at 11 AM at the Convergence Space. Enter through the side door, not the main entrance. There will be media upstairs.
5:59PM: TC IMC: RNC Welcoming Committee 8 Charged with "Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism"!
5:47PM: TC IMC: reports kid who lives in the building saw it happen, told police kid likely responsible does this kind of thing often. (pdx imc: clarify?)
5:32PM: TC IMC: reports an explosion at st peter and 6th or 7th. Cops closing in. LO's and Media needed! (pdx imc: hopefully just concusion grenades)
5:23PM: TC IMC: recent report that police activity has increased around supporters outside of the jail
4:55PM: PDX IMC: Heavy riot police & National Guard presence en route to Jail Solidarity Vigil. Police preparing to use german shepherd dogs.
4:51PM: The phone number for Ramsey Co. Jail: (651) 292-3698
4:25PM PDT: PDX IMC: Studio # 503 715 0994 & AIM portlandimcradio
4:23PM PDT: PDX IMC: Portland IMC Webradio back on the air to continue Day 3 RNC coverage TUNE IN!
4:15PM PDT: Tin Can Com: 3 members of the Tin Can Comms Team have been released, We are awaiting the release of 6 more! The Man Cant Keep US DOWN!
3:55PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Clarification: 8-person limit refers to office, not vigil. Go to the vigil!
3:54PM PDT: PDX IMC: Cold Snap Legal Twitter back up
3:49PM PDT: TC IMC: Coldsnap legal twitter feed appears to have been blocked.
3:42PM PDT: TC IMC: Released people at Ramsey Co. jail getting intimidated by riot police; vigil for prisoners @ 8:30 PM.
3:40PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: ColdSnap now cannot have more than 8 folk present; all unscheduled vol's must call b4 coming; experienced office/legal esp. please call!
2:59PM PDT: Tin Can Announce: Please DO NOT go to the coldsnap office unless you are a registered volunteer.
1:52PM PDT: PDX IMC: 2 journalists from IMC affiliate Pepperspray Productions have been arrested and need your help  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/09/379147.shtml
1:28PM PDT: Gustav Info: IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING A HUMAN RIGHTS MONITOR PLEASE CALL 404 588 9761 OR EMAIL  jwilliams@ushrnetwork.org
1:27PM PDT: HURRICANE GUSTAV HUMAN RIGHTS MONITORS NEEDED IN TENNESSEE: Memphis, Knoxville, Nashville, LOUISIANA: Alexandria, Shreveport, TEXAS: Houston, San Antonio, GEORGIA: Atlanta, ARKANSAS: Fort Chaffee
1:06PM PDT: TC IMC: probable arrest of at least 2 individuals at smith and grand
12:36PM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Cold Snap legal/iWitness office all clear: cops visited building, did not enter office, no raid!
12:34PM PDT: PDX IMC: 8 people being arrested or detained @ Jail Solidarity Vigil 443 Grove St. Minneapolis. Large detainment vehicle nearby with "digi camo" cops
12:12PM PDT: Tin Can Com: URGENT People with felonies coming up on the docket right now. Bail needed at courthouse donate using coldsnaplegal.org paypal
12:08PM PDT: PDX IMC: info on last raid of iWitness video collective  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/09/379127.shtml
12:05PM PDT: TC IMC: Please contact All Media outlets you have access to immediately.
12:04PM PDT: TC IMC: EMERGENCY!!!: Police are claiming there are hostages inside the I-witness office at 1595 selby. There are no hostages inside.
12:03PM PDT: Tin Can Announce: 1595 Selby getting raided. (iwitness and legal) SEND OBSERVERS AND SUPPORT
11:38AM PDT: The Uptake: More photos up on our Flickr feed
10:59AM PDT: TC IMC: Call the jail and demand Transfolk have access to gender cells of their choice.
10:59AM PDT: The Uptake: We'll be streaming the Paid for Big Oil press conference live at 1 PM on our front page:  http://www.theuptake.org.
10:35AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: We also need help in the office answering phones, etc. Give us a call at 651.356.8635!
10:34AM PDT: Cold Snap Legal: Coldsnap volunteers down at the jail haven't slept and need help with outtake today! Email rncjailvigil(at)riseup.net with your phone #!

RNC breaking news & more 04.Sep.2008 00:10

Joe Anybody

Thanks Victory!

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