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IMC's W. released, ok

Saw her earlier. She talked to KBOO at 11 today.
She has been sprayed, but safe. Equipment is in custody as is that of dozens of independent journos.

Legal observers, street medics also arrested and lots of folks just caught up in sweep nets.

This is ugly, but spirits are still good.

There will probably be need for bail $ (no misdemeanors here, just felonies)
visit coldsnaplegal.org for bail support info.

Stay tuned. There's interesting stuff still to monitor.

XOX - Granny M.

Out of Hand 03.Sep.2008 16:15

Joe Anybody

thanks for reports
be safe

archived RNC protest information is on my website here

Journalist Equipmet Being Taken By Police ....In America
Journalist Equipmet Being Taken By Police ....In America

Hey Granny M!! 04.Sep.2008 12:27


Granny M, I'm one of the Portland Street Medics and we've talked on a number of occasions. Please contact me in the next few days- we're looking for some media help to garner support for those of us arrested this week. 503-881-4271.